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Advertising and Objecting to a Planning Application

Advertising of a Planning Application

Many planning applications will need to be advertised and this is done in the form of a Notice of Application. You can view plans and supporting documentation for planning applications which are being advertised online. Once you have viewed these plans, you may choose to submit an objection/support for the application and this can also be done through Council’s online services. View Planning Applications on Advertising.

The Notice of Application can consist of:

  • A mail out to all surrounding owners and occupiers
  • A notice on site
  • A notice in the newspaper
  • or a combination of the above

Planning applications that are not on advertising may be viewed upon request only. Requests can be made to: KnoxBuilding&

The Advertising Process in Knox - for Applicants

If Council determines that a Planning Permit application requires Advertising, the Applicant will be sent an invoice for Advertising Fees which will cover the mail out to affected properties and as well as placing the sign on the site and removing it (this is undertaken by a Council Contractor). Please note that Council will advertise the application, regardless of whether we are likely to support the application or not.

Once the Applicant has paid the Advertising Fees, Council will undertake the mail out and advise the Contractor where to place the Public Notice Sign/s. The Contractor will take a photo of the sign/s when it has been erected and again on the day it is removed (after the 21 clear day period) and advise Council that the Advertising process has been completed.

Advertising Fees can be paid online or over the phone.

Objecting to a Planning Application

A copy of the application plans and supporting documentation is available through online services during the advertising period. Please ensure that you inspect the advertising documents so that you clearly understand what is proposed before you make an objection. View Planning Applications on Advertising.

Any person who feels they may be adversely affected by the granting of a planning permit can lodge a formal objection with Council. The objection must be in writing, provide your name and address and state the reasons for your objection and how you would be affected.

If a petition is to be submitted as an objection, the reasons for the objection and how a person would be affected must be included on each page with the signatories. A person must be nominated as a lead petitioner, otherwise the first person listed will be deemed the lead petitioner and contact person for all future correspondence. Council will not write to each signatory. A petition is counted as one objection regardless of the number of signatories.

Council may reject an objection if it considers that it has been made primarily to secure or maintain a direct or indirect commercial advantage.

How to submit an objection

  • Using the online form. The online form is available once you have viewed the advertising material for the application. View Planning Applications on Advertising
  • Write a letter to Council's Planning Department. Submit your written objection by post or in person to our Building and Planning Counter during Business hours
  • Council will acknowledge your objection in writing

Timeframe for submitting an objection

An objection should be submitted by the date on a Notice of Application which may have been sent to you or may be displayed on the site. Council can make a decision at any time after the last date on a Notice of Application.

Council must consider any objection/s received, and an objection can be submitted up until a decision is made on the application. We recommend your objection is received by the last date on a Notice of Application to ensure that your views are considered.

Making a decision on the application

All objectors will be notified in writing of Council’s decision.

In the event that Council decides to support the application, you will be sent a copy of the Notice of Decision. If you are not satisfied with Council’s decision, you may appeal within the prescribed timeframe to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

Should Council determine to refuse the application, you will be sent a copy of the Notice of Refusal. If Council refuses the application, the applicant can also appeal the decision. Details of the review procedures are set out on the back of the Notice which you will receive.

Who can view my objection?

Council must make all objections available for inspection free of charge to any person during normal office hours for the relevant period for the purpose of enabling consideration and review as part of a planning process under the Planning and Environment Act 1987. In accordance with the Victorian State Government’s 'Availability of Planning Documents’ Practice Note (2012), a copy will also be made available on request to any person for the relevant period.

All requests to view or receive copies of objections for a planning application, should be made by email: KnoxBuilding&

Personal information is collected by Knox City Council for the purposes of the planning process in accordance with the Planning and Environment Act 1987 (the Act). Personal information will be used by Knox City Council for that primary purpose or directly related secondary purposes. Pursuant to Section 57(5) of the Act your objection will be available at the Knox City Council office for any person to inspect for the relevant period. If you do not provide your name and address, Council will be unable to consider your objection, inform you of its decision or notify you of any future proceeding.

You can request access to your personal information by contacting Council’s Privacy Officer on 9298 8000.

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