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Applying for a Planning Permit

Knox's Planning Application Process is now DIGITAL!

What information do I need to submit with my application?

Application requirements vary between different types of applications and you should carefully read through the relevant Application Handout at the bottom of this page. There are minimum application requirements. If you do not submit the minimum information, your application will be returned to you.

  • Completed application form (not required for online lodgement)
  • Permit application fee
  • Copy of Certificate of Title, including title plan and any encumbrances, and a search receipt no older than 3 months
  • Cover letter describing the proposal
  • Site layout, floor and elevation plans

Applying for a Planning Permit

You can apply for a Planning Permit either online, in person or by mail.


You can now apply, upload your plans and documents and pay your application fees for your planning application using Council's Online Services. You must be a Registered User to use this service.

Read about the benefits of applying online.

Register for Online Services

Apply for a Planning Permit

Apply in Person or by Mail

Alternatively, you can download the Planning Application Form at the bottom of this page and submit with all the required documentation and applicable planning fees. Either mail it to 511 Burwood Highway, Wantirna South VIC 3152 or come in to our offices during business hours at the same address in person.

Rest assured, we will continue to support residents and businesses preferring to submit their applications in hard copy.

Multi Unit Development

See our Multi Unit Development page for advice about applying for a multi unit development and some of the things you will need to consider.

Apply for a Multi Unit Development

Single Dwellings and Dwelling Extensions

In certain areas a planning permit may be required for the construction of a singe dwelling or extension and / or additions to a single dwelling. The need for a planning permit may be triggered by zoning or overlay controls or the size of the land.

Your proposal may be able to be considered as a VicSmart Application. See our VicSmart page for further details.

Apply for a single dwelling or extension

Tree Removal and Pruning

A planning permit is often required for the pruning or removal of trees in Knox.

Knox City Council has numerous planning controls which protect trees and vegetation, and vegetation and tree controls are enforced vigorously, with harsh penalties issued for illegal tree removal. See our Tree Removal and Pruning page for more information.

Apply for tree removal or pruning


Planning permit applications for subdivision are made on a land owners' behalf by a Land Surveyor.

All planning permit applications for subdivision are to be made through SPEAR. SPEAR is an electronic platform and is free to use. It is used by Land Surveyors, Council and Referral Authorities to manage subdivision applications. To find out more, visit: SPEAR

NEW! If you lodge your subdivision application through SPEAR, you no longer need to come in to Council to pay your application fees. Instead, these fees can now be paid through Council’s Online Services portal. You will need to Register to use this service.

Pay my SPEAR Application Fees

Industrial or Commercial Use and Development

A planning permit may be required for the construction of buildings and works associated with industrial and commercial uses, or to change the use from one industrial or commercial activity to another.

All commercial and industrial applications must include a letter outlining the extent of the proposed works, the nature of the proposed activities (how you intend to use the land), hours of operation and the potential impacts of the proposed use/development on the surrounding area (traffic, parking, fumes, noise, etc). Appropriate car parking must also be provided, as determined by Clause 52.06 of the Knox Planning Scheme.

Apply for commercial or industrial use/development

VicSmart Planning Permit Applications

For VicSmart planning permit applications, please refer to our VicSmart page.

Apply for a VicSmart Permit

Advertising Signage

Advertising and/or promotion signs are signs used to identify a business, promote an event or product or provide information about a service available on land. In most instances, these signs require a planning permit.

Signage must meet the requirements of Clause 52.05 (Advertising Signs) of the Knox Planning Scheme and signage is generally restricted to that necessary to identify the business or use undertaken on the site.

Apply for a Signage Permit

Amending a Planning Permit, Approved Plans and Extension of Time

Need to make some changes to your Planning Permit or Plans? See our Amending a Planning Permit page for advice on applying to amend a permit or the approved plans.

Running out of time to start or complete your development project? See our Extending the time on a Planning Permit page for advice on how to apply for an Extension of Time request.

Apply for a Secondary Consent

Apply for an Amendment to a Planning Permit

Apply to Extend the Time on a Planning Pemit

Home Based Business

A ‘home based business’ is an occupation or business carried on in a dwelling or on the land around a dwelling by a resident of the dwelling.

Home based business activities must not adversely impact on the amenity of the area (by way of hours of operation, smell, noise or parking of vehicles), and the person that is conducting the business must use the dwelling as their principle place of residence. A ‘home based business’ must meet the requirements of Clause 52.11 (Home Based Business) of the Knox Planning Scheme. See our Home Based Business Handout for more information.

Metropolitan Planning Levy

The Metropolitan Planning Levy (MPL) is applicable to any development application where the estimated development cost exceeds the threshold amount. The amount is indexed by CPI for each subsequent financial year and published by the State Revenue Office.

The State Revenue Office is responsible for issuing the Levy Certificate (once the Metropolitan Planning Levy has been paid to the SRO) and further information can be accessed via the State Revenue Office.

Need Help?

If you have questions, you can contact us on 9298 8125 or alternatively, you can lodge a request below and a staff member will get back to you.

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