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About Immerse

Developed by Knox City Council in 2015, Immerse is a celebrated biennial arts event. The program offers a unique way of sharing and celebrating the arts within a (sub)urban context.

Immerse runs every 2 years. The exhibition surprises and inspires with its contemporary and diverse program. It challenges both the artists and the audience to experience creativity in new and surprising ways.

Artists show their work with the support of professional curators. Artists can enjoy a mentoring relationship as they explore new ways to exhibit their work for the greatest exposure.

Immerse offers a mix of:

  • art exhibitions
  • arts experiences
  • performances

Immerse vision

Immerse is a unique exhibition program that breaks away from the traditional art gallery setting. The program aims to share the arts in unexpected places throughout Knox. It encourages creativity in everyday spaces.

Immerse aims to engage, promote and support:

  • local artists
  • local learning
  • community centres
  • local businesses

The program:

  • Encourages the development of the arts, art sales and arts promotion
  • Fosters partnerships between local artists, art organisations, venues, and Council
  • Enables creative, business and community engagement and collaboration
  • Raises the profile, accessibility and participation in the arts within Knox
  • Activates spaces with unique, place-based creativity
  • Safely delivers public and virtual programs within current Victorian COVID-19 restrictions

Immerse hubs

The Immerse hubs focus on 3 key neighbourhood precincts across Knox.

The hubs are a variety of venues, precincts and spaces where you can immerse yourself in an art experience. This approach enables:

  • greater visibility of artworks
  • easier access and a stronger ‘immersion’ of exhibitions
  • public arts
  • public programs
  • other genres

Satellite locations around Knox also have stand-alone feature installations and exhibitions.

Previous Immerse programs

Started in 2015, the Immerse Program is now in its fifth year. Previous programs include:

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