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Tertia & Nick’s puppy - Maynard James K9 – Knox community members

Information for Pet Owners

Community Laws After Hours Emergencies

A Community Laws Officer is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency situations only.

Contact the Council Office on 9298 8000 to report one of the following:

  • Dog attacks
  • Contained dog pickups
  • Injured animals
  • Wandering Stock on Roads

All other calls should be directed to Customer Service the next business day.

Lost Pets

If you have lost a pet, please contact our pound provider at Victorian Animal Aid Trust on 9739 0300. All cats and dogs collected by Council will be taken here.

Also have a look at Council's Facebook page which is dedicated to reuniting owners with their pets at Lost Animals in Knox and add some details.

Council will make every effort to re-unite a registered cat and dog with its owner during opening hours. Council also offers a re-unite service over the phone up to 9pm, 7 days a week, for registered animals wearing a current Knox registration tag. Please ensure that your contact details are up to date.

All unregistered cats and dogs will be taken to our pound at Victorian Animal Aid Trust.

Contained Dog & Cat Pick ups

Cats and Dogs collected by council during working hours will be checked for a microchip and council registration tag. Registered cats and dogs will, where possible be re-united with the owners. Unregistered animals will be taken to council's pound.

If a dog or cat is collected after-hours, including weekends and public holidays, it will be collected by Council’s after-hours animal collection contractor and taken to the pound, where it will be housed overnight.

Once an animal is at the pound, pound staff will look to identify the animal through its council registration tag, microchip number or name tag if its wearing one and then make every effort to trace the animals owner so that it can be reunited.

A pound release fee applies to every animal that is taken to the pound. This is a council fee that is set by council and collected by the pound on our behalf. There may also be infringements issued to the owners of animals taken to the pound.

Neighbouring Council Contact Numbers

Council Phone
Shire of Yarra Ranges 1300 368 333
City of Maroondah 1300 882 233
City of Whitehorse 9262 6333
City of Greater Dandenong 9262 6333
City of Casey 9705 5200

Helpful contacts

Contact Phone
Victorian Animal Aid Trust 9739 0300
Lost Dogs' Home 9329 2755
RSPCA 9224 2222
Help for Wildlife 0417 380 687
Wildlife Victoria 1300 094 535
Pets in Peril - Domestic Violence Service 9870 5939
Nigel's Animal Rescue (24/7) 0427 533 083
EPA Information 1300 372 842

Image: Tertia & Nick’s puppy - Maynard James K9 – Knox community members.

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