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COVID-19 Update

Restrictions will be in place from 11:59pm Thursday 27 May to 11:59pm on Thursday 10 June. Most council facilities will be closed. Events have been cancelled. Critical services will continue. Find out more


Current Alerts

The best way to get alerts and updates from us during an emergency is to follow the official Knox Council social media sites on Facebook and Twitter. We will also try to keep you updated on road closures, public transport delays and other news and events.

Before an Emergency

Items for an emergency preparation kit

Building in Bushfire Prone Areas
What is a Bushfire Prone Area and how will this impact on my building or planning permit? How can I reduce the risk of damage to my home in the event of a bushfire?

Emergency Management Planning
What is the Municipal Emergency Planning Committee and the Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP).

Fire and Fire Management
Information relating to declared Fire Danger Ratings, Neighbourhood Safer Places, Community Information Guides and the VicEmergency Hotline

Preparing for an Emergency
What you can do to prepare for emergencies. The importance of knowing your neighbours and the importance of including your animals in your emergency plan.

During an Emergency

Emergency alert notification

Current Emergency Alerts
To find information in relation to severe weather, fire, storm or flood warnings; information on roads closures and alerts; and, information on planned burns in the area.

Communicating in an emergency
Where to get further and up-to-date information in an emergency. Information about the Standard Emergency Warning Signal (SEWS).

Hazardous Atmospheres
Information on hazardous atmospheres and what to do in a chemical emergency.

Storms and Floods
Storm and flood warnings. What to do when a storm is forecast. Who to contact regarding storm damage and flooding.

Power Failure
What to do during a power failure. Food safety during a power failure.

After an Emergency

Coping with Traumatic Events
Not everyone responds the same to traumatic events. Find out how to understand these responses and how to give support.

Emergency Management Team

The Emergency Management Team is responsible for developing and implementing the emergency management arrangements for the City of Knox.

Increasingly, emergency management is being seen as a subset of wider community safety. Effective emergency management within this community safety context is not just about preparing response and recovery plans, but also about building strong and healthy communities.

Communities which are well connected and have prepared for emergencies are also likely to cope much better with other threats to their wellbeing.

Need more information?

For any questions or further information about Emergency Management, please contact our Emergency Management team on 9298 8000.

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