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Knox City Council provides a fortnightly green waste bin collection service and an additional collection of bundled green waste and owner containers.

Our green waste bins have a red lid.

Information on a new food and garden bin service, available from July 2023.

Set up a green waste collection or learn more about compost and food waste.

Knox City Council works with a range of contractors to collect and process your household rubbish and recycling. 

Are you wondering what to do with your Christmas tree now the festivities are over? As part of our fortnightly green waste service, we will collect bundled branches.

Food waste makes up almost half of the rubbish in our rubbish bins. Home composting is one of the best things you can do to help the environment, as it cuts down on greenhouse gases.

Composting is the process of breaking down food scraps and garden waste into nutrient-rich soil and fertiliser.

We provide kerbside collection services for garbage, recycling, green waste and hard waste for eligible residential and commercial properties in Knox.

Join this free workshop on World Environment Day to learn how to save money and reduce waste when cleaning your home.

Residents will be able to recycle food scraps in their green waste bins, through a new food and garden waste service coming in 2023.