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Food and garden bin service

Information on a new food and garden bin service, available from July 2023.

Council is introducing a new food and garden bin service from mid-2023. This means from 2023, you can add food scraps to your green bin.

Changes to frequency of rubbish collection

We will also change how often we pick up your bins. From July 2023 the food and garden bin, with most of the stinky stuff, will be picked up weekly and the general rubbish bin will be picked up each fortnight.

Many other councils have implemented a food and garden waste service. Evidence from these councils tells us a weekly collection of the smelliest items such as food is best done weekly to keep food out of landfill.

Your recycling bin will continue to be picked up each fortnight.

Items that can go in the food and garden bin (from July 2023)

  • Fruit and vegetable scraps
  • Bread, pasta, cereal and rice
  • Seafood and meat (including bones)
  • Dairy leftovers
  • Eggshells
  • Leftover food (cooked and raw)
  • Human and animal hair
  • Coffee grounds
  • Lime green compostable bags – only AS4736 type bags with the seedling symbol. This does not include dog poo bags
  • Small sticks, tooth pics, skewers, and uncoated chopsticks
  • Used paper, paper towels, napkins, paper bags, newspaper, and tissues
  • Weeds, flowers, grass, leaves, garden pruning, clean timber, and branches (under 100mm in diameter)

Items that cannot go in the food and garden bin

  • Biodegradable bags, food packaging including cling wrap
  • Seafood shells (e.g. oyster)
  • Liquids, fats, greases, and oils
  • Nappies, personal hygiene products, baby wipes, makeup wipes
  • Pet and animal poo and litter
  • Plastic, glass, metal (bottle caps, wire, etc.), rocks, bricks, foil, polystyrene or cellophane
  • Furniture, textiles and fabric
  • Backyard and garage items, plastic pots, garden hoses, sporting equipment, gardening tools, batteries and oil containers
  • Treated and painted timber, treated lattice and building materials

Helping with changes to your bin service

We know this is a big change. It won’t happen until next year so there is time to be prepared.

Between March and June 2023 Council will provide all homes with:

  • a kitchen caddy for the scraps
  • a year’s supply of compostable caddy liners (green)
  • information to help you use the new service
  • a new lime green lid on your garden waste bin
  • a new food and garden bin if you don’t currently have the garden waste service

Households with extra waste

Extra support and service options will be available for larger households or those with specific needs, such as:

  • children in nappies
  • people using incontinence aids
  • households with large amounts of medical waste

Helping to make a difference to climate change

Currently, 43% of Knox’s rubbish that goes to landfill is food. When food scraps break down in landfill it creates methane gas which contributes to climate change. By composting food, we can reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emitted from landfill.

We are introducing food waste into the green waste bin because not everyone can compost at home and not all food waste can be composted.

The food and garden waste collected by Council will be composted and then used to enrich the soil at farms, parks and gardens.

Share your feedback

We're making this important change to our waste service to protect the environment. But we also want to make sure the delivery of this update works for the community.

Visit Have Your Say and let us know how you feel about:

  • introducing the food and garden bin service
  • changes to rubbish bin collection frequencies
  • your specific waste needs

You can also attend a community pop-up session to provide your feedback or ask questions in person.

Provide your feedback

What happens next?

Your feedback will help Council design our waste service, including the delivery of the food and garden waste update. It will also help us know how to best support the community through these changes.

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