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Saving food scraps from landfill

Residents will be able to recycle food scraps in their green waste bins, with the introduction of a food and garden waste service in 2023.

Knox City Council Mayor, Cr Lisa Cooper said the new service will save useful organic products from landfill.

“More than 41% of our households’ general waste is food and kitchen scraps, which currently goes to landfill where it produces gases that are harmful to the environment,” said Cr Cooper.

“Instead, processing food scraps along with other green waste allows it to be turned into valuable compost products for household and commercial gardens and farms.

“Households will receive kitchen caddies and compostable liner bags to help sort food waste, and we will run an education campaign to help residents understand how to use the new service.”

The lids on green waste bins will be changed to coincide with the start of the new food and garden waste service. New lids will be green and include information on what items can and can’t go in the bin, making it easier for residents to understand.

The introduction of a food and garden waste service is one of a number of changes coming as part of state government recycling reforms. Over time other bin lids will also change to match other councils around Australia and support statewide waste education efforts.

All Victorian councils will also be required to have a glass recycling service by 2027. We will decide how this service will work closer to the time. This will give us time to assess the impact of a statewide scheme being introduced in 2023 that will pay Victorians cash for the return of drink cans, cartons, and bottles.

Broken glass frequently becomes stuck to other recyclable materials such as paper or cardboard. Separating glass ensures that all products can be effectively recycled, with glass often turned back into jars and bottles or used in roads and footpaths.

There will be increases in the garbage charge on the rates bill to pay for these changes. Council is still working out the costs and will provide more information on this when possible.

Green waste will continue to be collected fortnightly and general waste weekly. In 2025, Council will consult on bin collection frequencies.

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