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Facilities Closed

Knox City Council has closed many of its public facilities to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) within the community. This includes the Civic Centre Customer Service Counter. More information

Council Grants

Group photo of all CDF Grant recipients

Minor Grants Program

This program provides grants up to $3,000 to eligible community organisations within Knox. The main objectives of the Minor Grants program are explained in the following link:

Minor Grants Program

You can contact the Community Partnerships Team to discuss eligibility, project ideas, or any other queries. We can be contacted at:
9298 8000 or email

Community Development Fund (CDF) Grants

Submission period: Closed

The CDF grant program provides funds to support a range of events, arts and cultural projects, services and activities provided by not for profit groups or organisations for the benefit of Knox residents.

During these unprecedented and uncertain times, we appreciate that many of you are facing new challenges. Knox City Council are here to support your community organisation!

Knox City Council’s 2020-21 Community Development Fund Grant Round will open on Monday 20 April with a longer application period to give you and your Committee the time you need to consider how a grant could best support your group.

A Community Development Fund grant could provide your organisation with a positive opportunity to plan for what will be needed beyond the current COVID-19 crisis. The current guidelines provide a wide scope for community-based activities and initiatives and we encourage you to take this opportunity to apply for a grant that will help rebuild community momentum and involvement once the current crisis passes.

The Community Partnerships Team members are working from home and can help you work through any project ideas or challenges that you may have. You can contact the Team at any time to discuss project ideas, or to raise any queries or concerns. We can be contacted at:
9298 8000 or email

Community Development Fund Grants

Leisure Minor Capital Works Grants

This grant program provides an opportunity for eligible leisure and sporting organisations in Knox to obtain funding to assist with Minor Capital Works or facility improvement projects on Council Reserves.

Leisure Minor Capital Works Grant

Individual Excellence Grants

This program provides funding assistance to Knox residents, who are selected to represent either Victoria or Australia in a competitive endeavour or an elite performance. The event or performance may be held in Victoria, Australia or internationally.

Individual Excellence Grants

COVID-19 Supporting Local Services Fund

This Fund will support local service providers, based in Knox or providing services in Knox address local community priorities that have arisen as a result of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Supporting Local Services Fund

COVID-19 Business Support Grants

To help businesses adapt and build resilience through these challenging times, Knox Council is offering the following business grants:

  • Knox eCommerce Grant
  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain Transition Grant
  • Creative and Cultural Sector Grant

Applications are open between 18 August – 28 September 2020.

For more information (including how to apply for a business grant), please visit our KnoxBiz website.

Hot Meals Program for Vulnerable Families Grant

Knox City Council recognises the many impacts COVID-19 and the safety measures being taken to flatten the curve are having on our community. One of the initiatives identified in the Knox Community and Business Recovery Package is to increase emergency food supply in the community, to those who need it most during these challenges.

The Hot Meals Program for Vulnerable Families Grant is a one-off allocation of funding made available to support local service providers to increase hot meal provision for Knox residents during and into the recovery period after COVID-19, when demand is expected to spike.

The Hot Meals Program for Vulnerable Families Grant will also support local service providers to continue to provide frozen meals and food parcels for Knox residents during and into the recovery period after COVID-19, when demand is expected to spike.

Applications are open until 23 September 2020.

For more information: Hot Meals Program for Vulnerable Families Grant

Senior Citizen Centre Grant

This program recognises that many Senior Citizens Centre require financial support to initiate and run their events and activities. These activities are not necessarily project based, but form an important part of people’s lives and the wellbeing of the broader community.

Senior Citizen Centre Grant

Biodiversity Buddies Native Vegetation Protection Grants

Knox is known for its leafy green image. Council provides grants up to $1,000 to help land owners conserve and enhance the environmental values of their properties.

Biodiversity Buddies Grant

Community Partnership Funding (CPF) Grants

The CPF grants program formerly known as Community Partnership Funding (CPF) assists a range of community organisations across the municipality with the ongoing operational costs incurred in the delivery of agreed community outcomes that benefit Knox residents by addressing local community priorities and identified strategic service requirements.

Community Operational Funding Grants

  • to increase and sustain participation in a wide range of quality services within the municipality; to build and strengthen local networks and partnerships; and to support community leadership, learning and skill development.
  • to support new initiatives or the expansion of an existing service that will address a clearly identified community need and contribute to the development, promotion and accessibility of a diverse range of quality community services and community resources within Knox.
  • to increase the level of resources of community organisations that provide help, advice or support to the Knox Community.

Capital Works Program - Community Submissions

Community groups are able to make submissions for projects which may be considered for inclusion in the Capital Works Program.

Capital Works provide/upgrade Council owned infrastructure and may include new projects such as leisure and recreation facilities, road, paths, drains, parks, buildings, car parks and community facilities.

In the first instance groups wishing to pursue, or advocate for, projects through the Capital Works Program, should discuss the issue with the Department that would be managing the application.

Groups or individuals wishing to make requests for new or upgrade works can now do so throughout the year. Submissions can be made at any time leading up to Business Case preparation in September/October each year.

The relevant Program Coordinator can give an early assessment in relation to the current program of works and inform the applicant accordingly (e.g. request by clubs for sporting pavilion extensions would be directed to, and assessed by, the Manager - Youth, Leisure & Cultural Services).

For more information, please contact Council on 9298 8000 or email

Program Department
Reserves and sporting facilities Youth, Leisure & Cultural Services
Community buildings Community Wellbeing
Infrastructure Engineering & Infrastructure
Family & Children's Services buildings, facilities and playgrounds Family & Children's Services
Playgrounds Open Space
Senior Citizens facilities Active Ageing

For more information

Information on funding opportunities provided from sources other than Council can be accessed by clicking on related links, located below.

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