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Community Development Fund Grant Program

The Community Development Fund (CDF) program offers grants for activities and projects that benefit the Knox community.

CDF grants are provided to help develop, enhance and support the many different not-for-profit community groups in Knox.

Available grants

Applications for the 2024 to 2025 Community Development Fund program are now open. Applications close 4pm Monday 6 May 2024.

Apply now


There is specific criteria for CDF grant applications:

You can apply if

Your organisation is:

  • incorporated not-for-profit community groups, with a managing committee or similar, and have own legal identity, or
  • auspiced (or managed) by an incorporated organisation if a group is not incorporated.

And your activity or project does:

  • have a definitive start and finish date
  • align with Council objectives
  • aim to meet a demonstrated need within the Knox community
  • benefit Knox residents.

We consider projects such as:

  • buying equipment for community groups
  • creating recreation, leisure and/or social support activities to keep people connected
  • cultural events and activities that celebrate and promote diversity and a positive sense of belonging and inclusion
  • arts and cultural development activities that encourage community participation
  • implementing strategies that assist people with a disability
  • supporting and celebrating the contribution of volunteers
  • encouraging participation in lifelong learning and skills development
  • assisting in community safety strategies through community information and involvement 
  • developing collaboration and partnership amongst community organisations to share resources and build community connection.
You cannot apply if

You are an:

  • individual or profit-making business
  • organisation that is not incorporated or supported by an incorporated body
  • organisation that has outstanding acquittal documentation for previous Council grants.

Or your application is for: 

  • ongoing or operational funding
  • projects primarily for capital works or building upgrade/improvement
  • fundraising activities
  • covering purchases or costs that have already been incurred
  • projects that have been funded by CDF for three consecutive years unless significant community need can be demonstrated.

Examples of funded projects

Past Community Development Funded projects include:

You can also watch stories of previous funded projects.

Applying for a CDF grant

There are several steps involved in the process:

Before you apply

Before applying for a CDF grant, we recommend organisations:

  • ensure all relevant people within the organisation are informed and committed to the project and applying for a grant
  • ensure the organisation and project or event meet the eligibility criteria
  • discuss your application with Council’s Community Partnerships team
  • attending an information session or booking an appointment.
Pre-application discussion

Whether you have previously received a CDF grant, or you are submitting for the first-time, you are strongly advised to discuss your proposed application with Council’s Community Partnerships team.  

To make an appointment contact the team on 9298 8000.

The team can also advise about other Council staff and stakeholders who may be able to provide appropriate information on service delivery and/or alternative approaches in relation to a proposed project.

Apply for a grant

Applications are completed online via the user-friendly SmartyGrants system. We suggest you do not leave electronic lodgement to the last moment to avoid any unanticipated technical difficulties or unforeseen errors with your application form that will prevent submission.

Late applications will not be accepted. Incomplete or imprecise applications may disadvantage you in the assessment process.

Submissions for 2024 will open Monday 1 April and close Monday 6 May.

Organisations may submit up to 3 applications for separate and distinct projects and events. A separate application form is required for each application.

Assessment and approval

Eligible applications are assessed by the Community Development Fund Evaluation Panel in June and July.

The Panel will make recommendations for consideration by Council at its September Council meeting.

Applications are assessed on the following criteria:

  • the level of benefit to Knox residents 
  • the degree to which the project is shown to have a clear financial need, be feasible and be financially viable
  • clear demonstration of community need and proposed project objectives
  • the capacity of the applying organisation to deliver the project and manage the grant
  • the project outcomes' alignment with priorities identified in the Knox Community and Council Plans
  • demonstration of consultation and/or partnership with others (as appropriate).
Notification of application outcome

All submitting organisations will be notified of the outcome of their applications by end of September 2024.

Funding agreements

Successful applicants must enter into a formal funding agreement consistent with the approved grant to ensure that both parties are clear of their roles and responsibilities. The agreement will clearly define accountability of the funded organisation for the achievement of agreed outcomes and will specify terms and conditions for effective project delivery and protection of public funds.

Where an organisation is auspiced for the purposes of the grant, the auspice organisation is also required to sign the funding agreement. The period of the funding agreement will be for a maximum of 12 months.

Funded organisations may need to supply the following documentation:

  • Insurance Certificate of Currency
  • Statement by Supplier Declaration
  • Evidence of Current Incorporation Status
  • Evidence of Current Registration for a Company Limited by Guarantee.
Payment of grants

Grant monies will be paid by electronic funds transfer (EFT) to the funded organisation, or their auspice organisation, if applicable.

Monies will only be paid into the accounts of the organisations or legal entities, and not into individual's accounts.

Receipt of a grant payment is subject to the provision of a signed funding agreement, compliance with any specific grant conditions and, if applicable, satisfactory reporting of previous grants.

GST will be included with grant allocations if applicable.

Funded projects must be completed within 12 months from November 2024.

Monitoring and evaluation

At the end of the project, a Project Acquittal Report must be completed, including a financial statement and a brief report about the projects outcomes. This report must be submitted within 3 months of project completion, or within 12 months from receipt of grant funds, whichever is earlier, via the SmartyGrants portal.

The information will also assist Council to understand the impact the Community Development Fund has upon the Knox community and can be used to inform the future of the program.

For more information on how to complete your acquittal, download the acquittal fact sheet.

If your application is unsuccessful

After the September Council meeting, a letter or email will be sent to the contact person for each unsuccessful application notifying them of the outcome. 

The decision of Council is final however groups are encouraged to seek feedback by contacting the Community Partnerships team and make further applications in the future.

Your privacy

As part of the Information Privacy Act Statement of Consent, Council collects information from CDF Grants applicants for the purpose of registering and administering grant applications for the specified funding period.

The information may also be used to send you information and to ascertain satisfaction with our services. The information will not be disclosed except as required by law. In particular, the information will not be disclosed to others for marketing purposes.

Learn about other grants

Council runs information sessions for community groups to learn about different funding options. Contact the Community Partnerships Team for session schedules and help with finding out which grant best suits your organisation, group or club needs.

More information

You may find the following information and templates useful:

Need help?

Email [email protected] and we will get back to you.

We aim respond to enquiries about Council grants within 3 business days.

Or call the Community Partnerships Team on 9298 8000.

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