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Kings Park pavilion

Information on the works done at Kings Park pavilion used by the Upper Ferntree Gully Football and Cricket Clubs.

The pavilion at Kings Park used by Upper Ferntree Gully Football Club and Upper Ferntree Gully Cricket Club is undergoing repairs to the roof, floor, electrical wiring, gas lines and social area following the detection of mould.

Mould is a serious health issue and must be addressed appropriately. We’ve been working proactively with the clubs since being made aware of the mould to ascertain the extent of the problem and address it. 

What caused the problem

Factors contributing to the problem include:

  1. In some locations, the paving slopes toward the building
  2. Water leaking through the roof due to an old roof-mounted air conditioning unit 
  3. Verandah to the building not having enough drainage, causing water to overflow onto paving 
  4. A leaking cool room 
  5. The location of the pavilion in a low-lying area 

A storm in June caused a major outbreak of mould. COVID restrictions likely exacerbated the severity of the problem due to a lack of airflow as the building remained closed.

What has been done so far

Specialist contractors were engaged to remove everything from the building once COVID restrictions allowed access to the building. 

The building had to be dried and made safe before extensive investigation works could be undertaken to determine the source and extent of the problem and identify options to remediate the building. 

Investigations found that the roof could be repaired but the lower section of the social room floor had to be replaced due to the degree of mould infestation. 

Repairs to the roof have been completed and an older section of the roof that had already been programmed to be replaced was done simultaneously. Repairs to electrical wiring and the gas lines are also complete.

The building remediation works have been designed and awarded.

The progress of the current works includes preliminary electrical works and site establishment. The sourcing and delivery of materials and equipment from the appointed Contractor is also underway.

Subfloor ductwork to the upper level viewing area and sheeting has been installed to the viewing area with materials onsite for the social room subfloor (i.e. ductwork for subfloor ventilation and subfloor timber).

Excavation works for clearance to enable subfloor ductwork and subfloor timber is also currently progressing.

Why is it taking so long?

The repairs are taking longer than we expected. As we get on with the work we are finding more problems such as unsafe electrical wires, which need to be fixed to make sure the building is safe. 

The roof repairs were subject to weather conditions which caused some delays. We expect further delays in replacing the floor due to pressures in the construction industry including the availability of materials and contractors.

In order to prevent the problem reoccurring we are investigating both passive and mechanical solutions to ensure adequate ventilation and assessing the foundations.

Design of the solution is underway. Once a contractor is appointed we will be in a position to estimate construction timelines. We expect work to continue into the first few months of next year.

We’re working as quickly as we can to reinstate the pavilion and welcome the clubs and their members back. 

What support is being provided to the clubs

Before the start of the football season the club was told that there would be no access to the pavilion this season and we recommended relocating the club to Dobson Park. 

The club’s preference was to stay at Kings Park in temporary facilities provided by Council including three large marquees for social activities and shipping containers for storage.

The cricket club has been advised that the expanded scope of works will now also impact the cricket season. The club is assessing the options of staying at Kings Park and using the temporary facilities which are currently in place or moving to another site for the upcoming season.

Support provided by Council to date includes:

  • Waiving the club's fees for the 2021/22 cricket and 2022 football seasons
  • Modifying the kitchen in the pavilion to enable it to continue being used
  • Paying the cost of marquees, containers, heaters, furniture etc
  • Paying all utility charges while the clubs cannot access all of the facility
  • Paying the full cost of the cool room replacement, which is the club’s financial responsibility
  • Contributing part of the cost of installing a split system heating and cooling system 
  • Providing an alternative Council facility for a large social function
  • Cricket Club relocated to Dobson Park for season 2022/23


  • June 2021: Major storm impacted the Upper Ferntree Gully area and mould identified at the pavilion
  • June 2021: Restoration company removed surface mould on carpets and chairs 
  • July 2021: Initial hygienist report indicates mould contamination had spread
  • Aug to Sept 2021: Full site assessment and quotes obtained from specialist hygienists 
  • October 2021: Specialist hygienist appointed to undertake remediation and further investigative works 
  • November 2021: Hygienists begin removing all non-salvageable/non-treatable items
  • December 2021: Floor of social room removed and damaged electrical wiring found
  • January 2022: Everything is removed from the building and drying commences
  • February 2022: Received clearance for building access and detailed recommendations for remediation works
  • March 2022: Kitchen modifications completed to enable match day use
  • March/April 2022: Marquees installed
  • May 2022 – ongoing: Marquee maintenance
  • July 2022: Pavilion roof repairs/replacement completed
  • July and August 2022: Replaced damaged marquees
  • August 2022: Design finalised for new floor and ventilation
  • September 2022: Contract for construction works awarded
  • October 2022: Contractor commences sourcing required materials and equipment
  • November 2022: Subfloor ductwork to upper level viewing area and sheeting to the viewing area with materials onsite for social room subfloor (i.e. ductwork for subfloor ventilation and subfloor timber). Excavation works for clearance to enable subfloor ductwork and subfloor timber.
  • December 2022: Further update and schedule of works to be provided.

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