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Knoxfield, Scoresby and Rowville Art Trail

Explore a more urban suite of works throughout Knox Skate & BMX Park, enjoying the work of Colombian-born Fausto Gallego who has painted the skate park dome and Pavilion in his bright and iconic style.

Further along the trail is the Studfield Shopping Centre, where there are several murals to see, including the Rowville Library courtyard and the neighbouring Rowville Community Arts Centre.

This trail is approximately 10 km. Driving is recommended.

Find out more about the Knox Skate & BMX Park.

1. Perspectives on Place: Bunjil Way sculpture, 2012

Bunjil Way sculpture

  • Artists: Uncle Bill Nicholson, Benjamin Gilbert, Xavier Pinard and James Simon.
  • Location: Bunjil Way, Knoxfield.

The majestic Bunjil, the Wurundjeri ancestral wedge-tailed eagle and creator spirit, towers over the underpass and can also be viewed from the walking track above. The sculpture was created by Uncle Bill Nicholson, Benjamin Gilbert, Xavier Pinard and James Simon and is made from welded stainless steel and sits high on a pole watching over the land he created.

2. Perspectives on Place: Bunjil Way mural, 2012

Bunjil Way underpass mural

  • Artists: Judy Nicholson with support from Uncle Bill Nicholson, Jeanette Jennings and James McFadyen.
  • Location: Bunjil Way, Knoxfield.

Perspectives on Place: Bunjil Way Mural tells the story of Bunjil the eagle. It was created by Wurundjeri artist Judy Nicholson who led the project in 2012 with support from Uncle Bill Nicholson and assistance from artists Jeanette Jennings and James McFadyen, and participation from middle school students at St Joseph’s College, Ferntree Gully.

3. Community Portrait mural, 2016

Community Portrait mural

  • Artist: Ashley Goudie.
  • Location: Rowville Community Art Centre, 40 Fulham Road, Rowville. In the foyer.

This painted aerosol mural was the winner of the Immerse Arts 2016 People’s Choice Award. Artist Goudie works across a variety of styles, drawing from classic 80s-style train graffiti, to street art and contemporary designs that include geometrics, stencils and abstract portraiture.

4. Buzzer Beater mural, 2017

Buzzer Beater mural

  • Artist: Fausto Gallego (aka Fausto).
  • Location: Rowville Community Art Centre, 40 Fulham Road, Rowville. In the airlock near Hall 1.

This floor-to-ceiling interior mural, Buzzer Beater, was installed as part of the Immerse program in 2017. Immerse is Knox City Council’s biennial festival of arts and culture. The artist, Fausto, is a dynamic muralist and illustrator recognised for his bold colours and narrative-rich creations.

5. Bounssie murals, 2019

Bounssie murals

  • Artist: Ferney Caro.
  • Location: Rowville Community Art Centre, 40 Fulham Road, Rowville. Exterior rear doors.

A series of three murals at the rear of Rowville Community Centre using aerosols, layering and fusion of brush strokes and colour by Ferney Carol, a Colombian-born artist residing in Adelaide, Australia.

6. Shelter mural, 2021

Shelter mural

  • Artist: Hayden Dewar.
  • Location: Stud Park Reserve Tennis Shelter, 40 Fulham Road, Rowville.

Shelter explores the impact on the ecological diversity that once inhabited our urban spaces. This mural highlights the need to include a sustainable approach to contemporary living by using imagery that includes local vulnerable native fauna species. This mural was developed as part of Knox’s biennial festival of arts and culture, Immerse, in 2021.

7. If These Walls Could Talk mural, 2023

If These Walls Could Talk mural

  • Artist: David Booth (aka Ghostpatrol).
  • Location: Rowville Library courtyard, Stud Park Shopping Centre, Stud Road, Rowville.

Ghostpatrol’s low-key colour palette presents a network of subjects and ideas interwoven with an array of endemic species from the surrounding hills and waterways. Like a great think tank of the natural world, this network of creatures read, wander, explore and dream, encouraging the local community to reflect on the history of the site.

8. Wall to Wall: Rowville mural, 2017

Wall to Wall Rowville mural

  • Artists: James Beattie (aka DVATE), Carmen Davies and Matt Thompson.
  • Location: Stud Park Shopping Centre, Woolworths wall, corner of Stud Road and Fulham Road, Rowville.

This work was a result of the Wall to Wall mentoring program, managed by Knox City Council and funded by the Department of Justice. The Stud Park Shopping Centre mural creation was led by artist James Beattie, aka DVATE, alongside MT Design (Matt Thompson) and Carmen Davies, mentoring Scoresby Secondary College students to develop street art skills.

9. Reach for the Stars mural, 2016

Reach for the Stars mural

  • Artist: Fausto Gallego (aka Fausto). Renewed with community participation in 2023.
  • Location: Knox Skate & BMX Park Pavilion, Corner of 1600 Ferntree Gully Road and Gilbert Park Drive, Knoxfield.

Reach for the Stars is an aerosol mural created on the concrete skate dome by Fausto Gallego. It was originally painted in 2016 and restored in 2023 by the artist. As a longtime user of the skate park, Fausto says, ‘The Knox cradle is one of the biggest domes in eastern Melbourne so it’s pretty iconic.’ The renewed mural depicts a monster pushing skaters to their limits and includes ‘sticker designs’ contributed by other skate users, created in a face-to-face workshop at the park.

10. Moving Forward mural, 2021

Moving Forward mural

  • Artist: Fausto Gallego (aka Fausto).
  • Location: Knox Skate & BMX Park Pavilion, Corner of 1600 Ferntree Gully Road and Gilbert Park Drive, Knoxfield.

Inspired by the talented Songline Skateboarding crew, Moving Forward creates a skate pavilion that is inclusive and inspiring and represents artwork ideas from the local community, showcasing Fausto’s signature style of bright colours and dynamic movement.

11. Aeolian sculpture, 2023

Aeolian sculpture

  • Artist: David Ball.
  • Location: Stamford Park Wetlands, Emmeline Row, Rowville.

Aeolian, meaning 'arising from the action of the wind' draws on its surroundings to create a focal point in the landscape. The large scale artwork forms part of a series that explores the theme of universality of life. Aeolian speaks of nature, geology, architecture and our human landscape. This piece represents a geological fragment of the earth’s crust that one could imagine to have been forged in situ or deposited on the coastal winds from afar. Its faceted sections create elegant angles and curves that sit lightly in the landscape and embrace the sky. Aeolian is handmade from corten steel and measures six metres wide and almost five metres high. Its deep orange, rusted patina contrasts with the cooler colours of its new surrounding environment at Stamford Park Wetlands..

12. Floodline sculpture, 2023

Floodline sculpture

  • Artist: James Geurts.
  • Location: Stamford Park Wetlands, Emmeline Row, Rowville.

Floodline is a site-specific artwork comprising of three oversized water-level sculptures positioned in a line that place the audience underneath the water of a great historic flood. Arranged eight metres apart, in a southwest direction, an invisible horizon of the flood level runs through the three sculptures, generating an abstracted mirror of the gauges on the illusory surface. Floodline materialises a phenomenon caused by refraction, where an underwater viewer sees everything above the surface of the water as a distorted reflection. Giving form to a historically significant memory of place, the ripples through the sculptures intensify as they reach the water, where the floodline would have been deeper and further distorted.

13. We are all Connected, Together we Grow mural, 2023

Benedikt Reserve mural

  • Artist: Daniel van de Weil (aka It Stands Out).
  • Location: Benedikt Reserve Pavilion, 39-53 Rosehill Street, Scoresby.

The result of a Community Development Grant application, this mural was developed in consultation with local user groups. With a focus on deterring vandalism, the project aimed to develop student pride in public spaces and showcase the history of the reserve. Participating students from Scoresby Secondary College were involved in generating ideas for the mural in workshops, with the resulting mural depicting local wildlife.

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