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Ferntree Gully Art Trail

Explore the light box gallery and murals created as part of the Ferntree Gully Creative Placemaking Plan at Ferntree Gully Village.

Explore the light box gallery and murals created as part of the Ferntree Gully Creative Placemaking Plan at Ferntree Gully Village.

The picturesque Ferntree Gully Village sits at the base of the Dandenong Ranges and offers a diverse shopping experience with a wide variety of specialty shops including restaurants and cafes.

The trail continues on to the Tim Neville Arboretum, Knox Regional Netball Centre and Wally Tew Reserve where you will find playgrounds and picnic areas to enjoy. Visit the Ferntree Gully Community Centre and Library to check out their program of fun activities and events.

Many of the works installed at Ferntree Gully Village were made possible by the Ferntree Gully Creative Placemaking Plan, delivered by Knox City Council in partnership with the Victorian Government. Knox City Council contributed $130,000 to the project and received $110,000 from the Victorian Government’s Living Local Fund Suburban Grants.

The Ferntree Gully Trail is approximately 5 km, suitable for walking, cycling or driving.

Public Transport Victoria info: Ferntree Gully Station (Belgrave Line).

1. In-Line (Line 1) sculpture, 2024

In-Line (Line 1 cricket) sculpture

  • Artist: James Voller and Joel Zika.
  • Location: Fairpark Reserve, Park Boulevard, Ferntree Gully.

The two In-Line sculptures were created using technology inspired by “hawk eye” and sports visualisations, often seen in cricket and other sports broadcasts. Using data taken from members of local sports teams, the artists created digital realisations of the data, translating it into three dimensional sculptures. These works translate the action of a cricket ball hitting stumps and a netball goal being shot, into physical representations. By blurring the boundaries between art and sport, these works create immersive experiences that encourage exploration and play, create a sense of connection and joy and promote a healthy, physically active community. The work was supported by the Collide Public Art Initiative and Urban Art Projects.

2. In-Line (Line 2) sculpture, 2024

In-Line (Line 2 netball) sculpture

  • Artist: James Voller and Joel Zika.
  • Location: Fairpark Reserve, Park Boulevard, Ferntree Gully.

3. Drift (water purifer shed) mural, 2023

Water Purifier Shed mural

  • Artists: Ambrose Rehorek and Chanel Tang (aka Creature Creature).
  • Location: Tim Neville Arboretum, 98 Dorset Road, Ferntree Gully.

The Tim Neville Arboretum in Ferntree Gully is home to a vast array of wildlife that visit the unique parkland throughout the year. The water purifier shed has been decorated with many of these animals, including dragonflies, pobblebonk frogs, sugar-gliders and a large, grey heron. The shed houses the pumps that manage the purity of the water in the reserve, providing a healthy environment for the wildlife.

4. Tree Fern Landscape mural, 2004

Tree Fern Landscape mural

  • Artists: Jurek Pajak and Work For The Dole Program participants.
  • Location: Rear wall of 131 Station Street, Ferntree Gully.

This vibrant mural depicting a Dandenong Ranges scene is much loved by the community. The work is unique with three dimensional additions, such as sculptural tree fern trunks and laser cut aluminium tree fern fronds. This mural was renewed in 2023 as part of the Ferntree Gully Village Creative Placemaking Plan.

5. Horologist Lane light box gallery, 2022

Horologist Lane light boxes

  • Location: Horologist Lane, Ferntree Gully.

The light box gallery was installed at Horologist Lane in 2022 as part of the Ferntree Gully Creative Placemaking Plan, delivered by Knox City Council in partnership with the Victorian Government. Initiated as a creative way to increase village safety, the light box gallery has been well received by locals. The inaugural exhibition was a collection of nature collages by local students as part of a school holiday program led by artist Jo Mott. The light box gallery exhibition program is updated every six months and highlights the work of local artists and artist groups.

6. Lyrebird mural, 2023

Lyrebird mural

  • Artist: Justine Millsom (aka Juzpop).
  • Location: 98 Station Street, Ferntree Gully.

Centrally located in Ferntree Gully Village, Juzpop’s mural depicts the majestic ground-dwelling Australian lyrebird, the bird that has been identified by the village community as a historic motif that represents the unique location at the base of the Dandenong Ranges.

7. Light patch mural, 2023

88 Station Street mural

  • Artist: Christian Vine (aka VEINS).
  • Location: 88 Station Street, Ferntree Gully.

Entering Ferntree Gully Village from Burwood Highway, you will be greeted with a mural scene of dappled light along walking tracks, known well by visitors to the Dandenong Ranges on a sunny day. The artist has captured a rare moment in time, with a father and young child walking through the nearby bush.

8. Down on His Luck scupture, 2002

Down on his luck sculpture

  • Artists: Kevin Gilders and placemakers.
  • Location: Corner of Station and Alpine streets, Ferntree Gully.

A carved pine sculpture, often known by locals as ‘Swagman’ or ‘the Thinker’. Artist Kevin Gilders began chainsaw carving in the early 1980s and has worked as a chainsaw carver and fine woodworker since. This work was carved from the timber of a tree that grew on this site, having great significance to this specific location.

9. Deep Respect and Connection to Country mural, 2024

Deep Respect and Connection to Country mural

  • Artist: Grace Brown.
  • Location: 77-79 Station Street, Ferntree Gully (Yooralla building).

An enchanting exploration of the vibrant animal and plant life in Ferntree Gully, revealing the creatures that come alive at day and night. By highlighting the nocturnal and diurnal inhabitants, the work pays homage to the significance of these animals in the lives of the Wurundjeri people and the local community. The work features, Bunjil the Creator, the iconic Lyrebird, with its mesmerising calls, and the lush ferns, symbolic of the region's rich biodiversity. All serve as powerful symbols linking people to the natural beauty of their surroundings. Grace’s work is a testament to the intertwined relationship between the Wurundjeri people and the captivating flora and fauna that define the region.

10. Undergrowth (Ferns and Fungi) mural, 2023

Undergrowth (ferns and fungi) mural

  • Artist: Jack Rowland.
  • Location: Rear of 170 Underwood Road, Ferntree Gully, at the Apollo Service Station.

This mural depicts a panoramic landscape scene and highlights the unique qualities of the surrounding hills that are only a short walk from Ferntree Gully Village. It suggests an other-worldly environment with the mist, ferns and fungi, and the use of cool-toned blues, greens and purples.

11. New-Natural mural, 2024


  • Artists: David Lee-Pereira and Amina Briggs.
  • Location: 46 Station Street, Ferntree Gully.

Amina Briggs, a proud Boonwurrung, Ugar and Erub woman has painted traditional Boonwurrung diamond symbols alongside David Lee-Pereira’s maidenhair fern, endemic to the Dandenong Ranges. Plastic zip ties, scattered amongst the foliage are used by the artists to represent the impact of humans on the natural landscape. The mural depicts Waa, the Australian Raven as the protector of the waterways, represented here as the train network, in conflict over a worm (train) that embodies the Boonwurrung people’s entanglement with an ever-evolving environment. The train assumes the role of the worm because of the similarities between them, both representing underground movement and having a great impact on surrounding environments. The raven’s intense competition signifies an urgency to secure sustenance in a changing environment that values plastic over the importance of native bird life.

12. Ferntree Gully Arts and Library Entrance Totems, 1980–1983

Totems at Ferntree Gully Community Arts Centre

  • Artists: Budd Weston and placemakers.
  • Location: Entrance to Ferntree Gully Community Arts Centre and Library, 1010 Burwood Highway, Ferntree Gully.

Created by Budd Weston and placemakers’ community-focussed projects, this cluster of totems have been decorated with easily identifiable native plant designs. Restored in 2023, they are now a welcoming entry point to the creative hub of the Ferntree Gully Community Arts Centre, Ferntree Gully Library and Knox Environment Society and Indigenous Nursery.

13. Share Your Colour mural, 2017

Share Your Colour mural

  • Artist: Brenton See.
  • Location: Ferntree Gully Community Arts Centre and Library, 1010 Burwood Highway, Ferntree Gully.

This aerosol mural was installed on the exterior of the Ferntree Gully Community Arts Centre and Library as part of Immerse 2017. Immerse is Knox City Council's biennial arts and cultural festival.

14. Windmill sculpture, 2023

Windmill sculpture

  • Artists: Jeanette Jennings and Knox residents.
  • Location: Burwood Highway entrance to the Ferntree Gully Community Art Centre and Library, 1010 Burwood Highway, Ferntree Gully.

Created by placemakers, Jeanette Jennings and Knox residents, the windmill sculpture is a playful focal point at the Wally Tew Reserve. This windmill was originally created using various found objects such as bicycle parts, steel and timber. The windmill was restored in 2021, with missing or broken pieces replaced or repaired and the work repainted and treated for rust prevention.

15. Nature of Knox mural, 2023

Nature of Knox mural

  • Artist: Daniel Hend.
  • Location: Knox Environment Society and Indigenous Nursery, 1010 Burwood Highway, Ferntree Gully.

In this work, mural artist, Daniel Hend has carefully captured some of the diverse plant and animal varieties that are unique to Knox. The intent of this mural at the Knox Environment Society (KES) Nursery was to soften the harshness of the bare shed wall where the mural is located and educate visitors on the beauty and benefits of planting Indigenous species. The work showcases some local species such as Epacris impressa (common heath), Craspedia globosa (billy buttons) and Typha Bulrush (Cattail) as well as depicting some local wildlife. The KES team intend to plant some of the species featured in the mural within the nursery garden. This work was made possible with funds through the Knox Council Community Development Fund grant program, provided to enhance and support not-for-profit community groups in Knox.

16. Kinematic sculpture, 2023

Kinematic sculpture

  • Artist: Studio John Fish.
  • Location: Knox Regional Netball Centre, 9 Dempster Street, Ferntree Gully.

Located at the entrance to the Knox Regional Netball Centre, this sculpture has a central visual motif that speaks to ‘kinetic movement’. This is presented by aligning with the architecture of the newly refurbished centre. The work reflects a sense of flow and inclusiveness, connected to the activities of the sports facility.

17. Game On mural, 2010

Game On mural

  • Artists: Leigh Ouwerkerk (aka ASKEM) and Darren and Em Mate (aka DABS MYLA).
  • Location: Knox Regional Netball Centre, 9 Dempster Street, Ferntree Gully.

The Game On mural was commissioned in 2010 and depicts a diversity of colourful netball-playing characters. The mural is much loved by the community and has featured in many netball team photos. Restored by one of the original collaborators, Leigh Ouwerkerk, using aerosols, and completed for the opening of the redeveloped Knox Regional Netball Centre in 2023.

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