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Managing your mental health and wellbeing during the festive season

The challenges and pressures we face during the year can be amplified at Christmas time. We hope the below strategies help manage these feelings, and allow you to find your feet this season and beyond.    

Acknowledge your feelings  

It’s important to acknowledge that it’s completely normal to feel anything from sad, lonely, exhausted to happy or hopeful during the holidays – or a mixture of all. Don’t put pressure on yourself to feel a certain way, this can make us feel worse. By labelling what we’re feeling, we’re validating our feelings and allowing ourselves the space to manage.  

Set healthy boundaries  

By setting healthy boundaries, we are honouring our own personal needs. Whether it’s saying no to an invite, leaving a party early, or simply taking less responsibility – it’s important to do things that benefit you and your mental health.  

Make time to do things you enjoy  

When our own mental health is in check, only then are we able to provide others with the support they may need. Allowing time to do things you enjoy, whether it’s for 5 minutes or 50, means you’re not pouring from an empty cup. Ensure you are allowing time for yourself over the holidays to truly rest, reflect and connect within, whatever that may look like.  

Focus on things you can control  

While it’s fun to indulge over the holidays, remember to stick to the basics and things you can control. It’s easy to spiral into thinking you must achieve millions of things over the holidays, when all we should focus on are the things in our control. Things like moving our bodies, getting enough sleep, keeping hydrated and eating whole foods. While these may sound simple, they make the greatest impact, allowing us to shift the expectation mindset to set realistic, achievable goals.  

Remember you are not alone 

If pressure is taking a toll, remember you are not alone, and there is always someone there to support you – whether a call, in-person or text message.  

Local support  

  • Boronia Head to Health on 1800 595 212 

24/7 support  

To download tailored mental health cards and help start a conversation to check in with yourself or someone you love, visit Mental Health and Wellbeing.  

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