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Due to record rainfall, we're behind in our mowing schedule. We're unable to use our mowers while the ground is saturated and the long grass takes longer to mow. Our crews are working hard to catch up. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


Mowing cut short by weather

Wet weather has wrought havoc on our mowing schedule.

A wet spring and record rainfall have accelerated grass growth and caused delays, with ground conditions limiting when and where we can mow.

In some cases, we have been unable to get onto a reserve as our mowers would cause damage to the saturated surface. And as the grass is longer, it can take a bit longer to get through the work.

Sometimes we are able to mow sections of a reserve but not all of it. As the weather warms up and the reserves dry out again, these missed areas will be cut to improve their overall appearance.

Our crews are working hard to catch up on scheduled mowing of roadsides, parks, reserves and bushland.

We thank you for your understanding.

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