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Aerial view of Lewis Park

Lewis Park Masterplan

Lewis Park is one of the largest open spaces in Knox. As our community grows, it has the potential to become a place that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy.

The Lewis Park draft Masterplan provides 20-year vision for creating inclusive spaces for people to engage with nature, culture and sport – and where our natural environment can thrive.

Community Consultation

Following community consultation in 2018, we have prepared an updated Masterplan supporting a 20-year vision for Lewis Park, including:

  • Lively spaces for people to engage with nature, culture and sport opportunities
  • Stronger connections between the parklands and our busiest community hubs
  • Revitalised waterways that support our local flora and fauna to thrive
  • Opportunities to tell the story of Indigenous culture and history
Lewis Park Masterplan
Map showing the proposed Lewis Park master plan

We invite you to review the Lewis Park Masterplan Community Update which provides a summary of actions Council has taken for Lewis Park and a timeline for completion of the work.

Community update

Project Timeframes

  • Initial Consultation - March 2018
  • Development of Draft Masterplan - May 2018
  • Consultation of Draft Masterplan - September 2018
  • Refinement of Draft Masterplan - October 2018 to March 2020
  • Community updates on Masterplan - April 2020
  • Masterplan Draft Design - April to June 2020
  • Community Engagement - June 2020 (TBC)
  • Final Design - June to December 2020

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