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Thanks for your patience over the next few weeks while we clean up fallen trees after the recent storms. Find out more about free storm related waste drop offs at the Knox Transfer Station and extra bin collections.


Lighting Knox with green energy

We’re transitioning to 100% renewable energy to power our street lights, in an effort to tackle climate change.

From 1 July 2021, our street lights which make up half of Council’s electricity use, will be powered by wind energy for the next 9 years. 

In 2020, Knox Council along with 12 Victorian Councils and 1 State Government Authority signed a Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA) to purchase 100% renewable energy from a wind farm in Gippsland.

In addition to supporting renewable energy projects, the long-term Agreement provides price certainty and eliminates price volatility. 

This green energy transition builds on the street light energy efficiency works we have undertaken to drastically reduce our impact on the planet.  

Since 2016, we’ve replaced 10,600 street lights with energy-efficient LED globes to reduce energy use by over 75% to lower electricity and maintenance costs.

We are now investigating LED replacement for street lights on our major roads to explore further energy and greenhouse emissions savings. 

Share your feedback on tackling climate change together
We are committed to taking urgent action on climate change and have outlined a Climate Response Plan to reach net zero emissions for Council and our community.

The Plan identifies a broad range of mitigation and adaptation actions for our community now, and in the future.

Initiatives include helping transitioning our community to electric vehicles, and further support renewable energy solutions such as investigating options for a landfill solar farm.

We are currently seeking your ideas and feedback on the Climate Response Plan by 27 June. 

Tell us how we can support you in tackling climate change, and preserve what we know and love about Knox.

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