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Feedback is sought on the vision for a new Customer Strategy and customer promises to guide how Council operates, makes decisions and designs its services for the community.

Mayor Cr Susan Laukens said the strategy is a key deliverable on Council’s commitment to manage its resources effectively to ensure financial sustainability and improved customer experience.

“Council delivers a staggering number of services. As our community changes, expectations are increasing of the services we provide,” Cr Laukens said.

“We need to balance the needs of everyone to achieve the best economic, social and environmental outcomes for the community, including the ongoing financial viability of Council. It means we can’t always give customers exactly what they want, when they want it.

“Our vision is that our customers will be highly satisfied because we are easy to deal with, our services meet their needs and our people go the extra mile to help while balancing our community obligations,” she said.

Customer research for the strategy included a survey of 443 residents and a further 40 phone interviews with customers who had recent interactions with Council. The vision and promises reflect what they said was important to them when dealing with Council.

“First and foremost, we are a service organisation. The customers we spoke to were mostly understanding of the needs we must balance and the complexity of some of the services we provide,” said Cr Laukens.

“The strategy describes the steps we will take to ensure we understand customer needs and priorities and measure our effectiveness in delivering services so we can direct our available resources to the things that matter most to our customers.

“The feedback we got on our performance now was encouraging but highlighted opportunities to improve our online services with almost 50% of customers visiting our website before calling and less than 15% of customers preferring to call.

“Making it easier to use our website will enable us to free up staff from dealing with simple requests and spend more time on complex requests, following up complaints and going the extra mile with customers.

“Importantly, customers who prefer to speak with someone will still be able to phone and have their matter addressed promptly,” Cr Laukens said.

Share your feedback on the strategic vision and customer promises by 6 November 2022. Further information is available on our Have Your Say webpage

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