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Timing of pavilion upgrade confirmed

Council has reaffirmed timing for the redevelopment of Tormore Reserve pavilion because bringing this project forward would mean another project assessed as higher priority would need to be put on hold.

Mayor Lisa Cooper said Tormore Reserve Pavilion is currently ranked 23 on the program of sporting infrastructure upgrades and there were other projects ahead of it that are in more urgent need.

“To bring this project forward we would need to put another project on hold,” Cr Cooper said.

“Like many of our facilities Tormore Reserve pavilion reflects its age but the fundamental requirements are in place to enable sporting activities to occur.

“Sport has changed so much since most of our facilities were built. The rapid increase in female participation and changes in facility standards and guidelines including important things like accessibility mean that Council has a long list of worthy projects.

“We have a strategy which guides how we assess, rank and prioritise pavilion upgrades and it’s important that this process is both financially responsible and fair to all clubs,” said Cr Cooper.

Tormore Reserve Pavilion is scheduled for scoping to begin in 2023/24, design in 2024/25 and construction in 2025/26. Scoping will determine the budget needed for construction which is likely to be in the order of $2.2 to $4.8 million.

Other recent improvements at Tormore Reserve include upgrading the cricket nets, new safety nets behind the goals, more car parking, new concrete paths and pedestrian solar lighting, upgrading the playground, new BBQs, picnic shelter, picnic tables, drinking fountain, new outdoor gym equipment and new trees and garden beds. A new public toilet will be installed later this month.

Council considered applying for a Victorian Government grant of $120,000 to expedite early planning for the redevelopment of Tormore Reserve pavilion as part of a program of works to revitalise Boronia.

“We have an important partnership with the Victorian Government on some very exciting plans to deliver much needed improvements in Boronia, beginning with streetscape improvements, public art and lighting upgrades around the train station that will create a safer, more inviting space.

“The investment from both levels of government will reactivate local businesses and accelerate recovery from the impacts of the pandemic by attracting new investment and creating new jobs.

“We are grateful to the Victorian Government for their investment and look forward working with the Government to deliver on these important projects for Boronia,” Cr Cooper said.

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