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Environmental friends groups

Knox City Council has an active community of environmental volunteers dedicated to preserving our beautiful natural environment.

About our groups

There are currently five groups in Knox:

Friends of Koolunga Native Reserve

The Friends of Koolunga Native Reserve group was set up in 1994. They help implement the Koolunga Native Reserve Management Plan.

Project mornings are held every second Saturday of the month.


Visit the Friends of Koolunga Facebook page.

Learn more about Friends of Koolunga Native Reserve Group

First friends of Dandenong Creek

The First Friends of Dandenong Creek focus on the wider catchment area of Dandenong Creek and its tributaries, from the Liverpool Road retarding basin in Boronia to the Boronia Road bridge, Wantirna.

The group work to:

  • improve the water quality and riparian habitat
  • reduce litter
  • manage environmental weeds
  • re-establish indigenous floral and faunal habitat
  • protect the waterway from inappropriate development load.

Phone Anthony Bigelow on 0400 943 454.
Visit the First Friends of Dandenong Creek Facebook page.

Friends of Blind Creek Billabong Group

The Friends of Blind Creek Billabong was set up in 2001. They help implement of the Blind Creek Billabong Management Plan and carry out:

  • weeding
  • rubbish removal
  • indigenous planting activities.

The group meet 16 times a year.

Phone Fay Rimmer on 9758 4802.

Visit the Friends of Blind Creek Billabong Facebook page.

Friends of Old Joes Creek Bushland

The Friends of Old Joes Creek Bushland meet every third Thursday (except January) on the corner of Market and Army Roads in Boronia.

They work to:

  • conserve and build on areas of remnant vegetation
  • control weeds in remnant areas
  • restore degraded areas
  • maintain and increase population of Sword Brown Grass Butterfly.
  • protect and increase populations of endangered and vulnerable indigenous species including Pink Heath epaceris impressa, Victoria’s floral emblem.

Visit the Friends of Old Joes Creek Facebook page.

Friends of the Glenfern Green Wedge

The Friends of the Glenfern Green Wedge formed in April 2012. They meet the first Sunday of every month along Ferny Creek Reserve to identify bird species. This work is part of a citizen science program with Birdlife Australia.

Call Johanna Selleck on 0419 107 308.

Benefits of volunteering

As part of an environmental volunteer group you can:

  • learn more about the environment
  • develop a sense of community and belonging
  • strengthen community partnerships
  • meet like-minded people
  • have lots of fun.

Guidelines for environmental groups

This information is designed to support groups to continue their valuable work in the best and safest way possible. It covers:

  • how we can support groups
  • the roles and responsibilities of group members
  • occupational health and safety.

Guidelines include:

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