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Council to provide more Electric Vehicle charging stations

In a Victorian first, Knox City Council has entered an agreement with Australian company JOLT to install more Electric Vehicle (EV) fast charging stations across the municipality.

Knox Mayor, Councillor Marcia Timmers-Leitch said the agreement to provide up to seven public fast chargers in select shopping centres in Knox would benefit local businesses and the environment.

“We hope that more fast charging stations in Knox will attract new visitors to our local shopping centres and help people make the transition to electric cars,” she said.

“On-road transport accounts for 13% of emissions in Knox. More charging stations will support and encourage people to choose zero-emissions transport and help our community achieve net zero emissions by 2040 as set out in our Climate Response Plan.

“When we were developing the plan, our community told us they support expanding our EV network.  The network’s chargers will be supplied by 100% renewable power, further reducing greenhouse emissions and helping to reach our net zero target.”

The first seven kilowatt hours — about 15-20 minutes’ charging time depending on vehicle model — will be free each day. This allows for 40-50 kilometres of driving range. If people want to charge for longer, it will cost about 46 cents per kilowatt hour.

JOLT Commercial Partnerships Manager Steve McLennan said research showed customers preferred to charge their cars while visiting shops or using other facilities.

“EV chargers attract new, regular visitors to the area, which is great for local businesses,” he said. “We’ve had customers tell us they’ve changed their shopping habits based purely on the presence of an EV charger.

“Some of the key inhibitors of people transitioning to an electric car include ‘range anxiety’ and not knowing where they’re going to be able to charge, along with the costs. By delivering free charging we aim to reduce the concern that people have of not knowing where they’ll be able to charge and support them with the transition to a zero-emissions vehicle.

“We see this as an excellent initiative that Council is leading and it is really going to set the bar for other councils in Melbourne.”

The new chargers, installed at no cost to Council, are expected to be rolled out from early 2023. The first JOLT EV charging station will be located on Station Street, Ferntree Gully. This is the company’s first entry into the Victorian market. More information about other locations of the EV charging stations will be available soon.

Learn more about our Climate Response Plan initiatives at

Location of the new EV charging stations at Ferntree Gully Station.

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