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Web-cellent webinar!

Spiders! You either love them or you fear them!  Either way, these special critters play an important role in our ecosystems. Join us 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm, Tuesday 21 March 2023 for the first Wild 4 Knox webinar of 2023 to learn about the various spider families local to Melbourne and what they do for our biological community.

Ben Kurek, spider specialist for the Entomological Society of Victoria, is the host for this Wild 4 Knox webinar.  A devoted nature lover, he is fascinated by arthropods and the natural world, and in particular spiders and insects.  Ben specialises in the study of Australian huntsman spiders (Sparassoidea) and is currently working on a huntsman field guide for the Victorian and Tasmanian species.  Using the citizen science app iNatuarlist, Ben has also achieved an impressive count of over 84,000 identifications.

To learn more about Ben and his favourite 8-legged friends, register below to attend this free webinar.


Wild 4 Knox is a partnership between Knox Environment Society and Knox City Council. Join us throughout the year as we explore four biodiversity topics with informative webinars (LEARN IT!) and interactive workshops (DO IT!).  Contact out Biodiversity team ([email protected]) for more information.

Photograph courtesy of Rowan Jennion

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