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Recycling right for National Recycling Week

As part of our National Recycling Week activities, our team and our recycling contractor, Polytrade, will be hosting a webinar to provide valuable tips and information on:

  • how residents and their household can recycle right
  • how to reduce waste to landfill
  • what can and cannot be recycled, and why.

There will also be plenty of time for residents to ask recycling questions. Participants can register here.

This webinar is one of the support initiatives we are providing to help our community tackle climate change. Knox households account for 18% of total greenhouse emissions in our community. As part of our Climate Response Plan 2021-2031, we will help our community to lower emissions and reach net zero by 2040.

Other recycling programs we offer for residents and businesses include:

  • Compost Community program: Residents can buy discounted composting products (up to 70% off retail price) to start their composting journey. Products include Bokashi bins and worm farms.  
  • ASPIRE recycling and upcycling program for business: This is a platform for businesses  to list their unwanted resources for other businesses to source for their manufacturing process. Resources can include wooden pallets and electronic waste. ASPIRE was designed to promote business sustainability, divert waste from landfill, and develop new collaborations.

Learn more about sustainability programs and our climate actions on our Energy efficiency and greenhouse emissions web page.

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