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Keeping cats at home for safety and conservation

Residents will be required to keep cats on their premises at all times under a new curfew coming into effect on 10 April 2022.

Knox City Council Mayor, Cr Lisa Cooper said the 24-hour cat curfew is designed to protect cats and local wildlife.

“Much like the rules for dogs and other pets, cats won’t be allowed to roam freely from their owners’ property. When allowed to roam cats are at a much higher risk of illness and injury. Keeping cats within their owners’ property also protects wildlife and prevents them causing nuisance for neighbours and their pets,” she said.

The cat curfew is an action of the current Domestic Animal Management Plan 2017-2021, at which time 85% of people surveyed supported a curfew.

Last year, Knox trialled a curfew requiring cats to be confined between sunset and sunrise. Throughout the trial, feedback was sought from the community and again more than 86% of respondents supported a curfew, with greater preference for a 24-hour curfew over a night-time curfew. Almost half of the more than 720 respondents were cat owners.

Cat owners will also be able to provide feedback on guidance Council can offer to support them with this change through consultation for the next Domestic Animal Management Plan. Consultation will commence in July. More information will be available at

More information and resources for cat owners is available at

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