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Tips to reduce bin odours

Where there are bins, there are odours, especially when you add food scraps. This is one of the key reasons behind changing the bin collection frequency of your green bin from fortnightly to weekly from 1 July. 

There are, however, some simple things you can do to help reduce the odours of your food and garden bin.

  • Use the kitchen caddy and compostable lime green caddy liners (AS4736) we provided for you as part of the food and garden bin service rollout. The liner roll should last approximately 1 year but when you run out, most supermarkets sell them. Just be sure to look for the lime green bags with the seedling icon and AS4736 printed on it, otherwise we won’t be able to turn your food scraps into compost.
  • Layer your green waste with your food scraps
  • Keep your bins out of direct sunlight
  • Sprinkle bi-carb soda into your bin to help neutralize smells
  • Keep meat and seafood scraps in the freezer until bin collection day
  • Wash your bin regularly

Also, make sure your lid closes properly and there are no cracks in the bin body. You can arrange for a repair or replacement bin or bin lid online at

If you have additional household waste needs, you can apply for an extra 120L rubbish bin, at no cost, if your household has:

·      Two or more children in disposable nappies or,

·      Person(s) with chronic illness, disability or medical condition with additional waste needs.

Please note, supporting evidence will be required with your application. To find out more and apply, please visit

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