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Fire in garbage trucks

On two occasions recently, our waste collection contractor has suffered a fire in the load when collecting recycling from properties in Knox.

The trucks had to immediately empty their load in the nearest carpark and the fire brigade was called to extinguish the fire. Luckily, neither driver was harmed.

Please be mindful of what you put into your recycling bin.

The following items commonly cause a fire if incorrectly disposed of:

  • All kinds of batteries eg. household batteries, car, phone, laptop, power tool, camera batteries and lithium ion batteries
  • Aerosol cans that are not empty
  • Household chemicals
  • Accelerants eg. petrol, diesel, waste oils
  • Gas bottles or butane cans
  • Flares, ammunition
  • Hot coals or lit cigarettes

Look in our A- Z guide for disposal of items.

You can also search for nearby drop off points at recycling near you.

For more information about what can be added to your recycling bin please refer to recycling bin collection.

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