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Clara Chan – Posthuman Convergence

Posthuman Convergence combines hand-stitched fabric works with video projection, to explore the human and non-human relationship to the Anthropocene.

Through the idea of symbionts (organisms living in symbiosis with one another), the work prompts viewers to create their own stories between human and nonhuman entities and consider ways for a more sustainable way of life.

Knox City Council · Immerse 2021 - Artist Interview - Clara Chan

Location – The Basin Art Hub

Miller's Homestead, Melrose Court and Dorrigo Drive, Boronia


Chan lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. With a background in fashion design, she begins her art practice with the help of fibre and textile.

She is interested in the relationship between human and non-human, particularly in the time of the Anthropocene.

Her lichen symbionts came in many forms to inspire collective imagination and proposition of stories that transform the ruined.

Chan completed a Graduate Diploma in Visual Art in 2018 and is in the process of completing her Master degree in Art in Public Space this year.




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