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Early Years Advisory Committee (EYAC)

The Early Years Advisory Committee (EYAC) advises Knox City Council on emerging issues affecting families and young children.

It's made up of community and professional members, Council officers and current Councillors.

Expressions of interest for the Early Years Advisory Committee are now open

Expressions of interest will close Friday 17 May 2024.

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Committee objectives

The Committee's objectives are to:

  • make recommendations on the implementation of the Knox Community and Council Plan and the Child, Youth and Seniors Plan 
  • advise Council on emerging issues affecting families and children and the related services
  • identify new key research, policy and legislative issues
  • consider advice and information made available through other Council channels.

Committee member requirements

A diverse group of local volunteers aged 18 and over with different perspectives make up the Committee.

Members have an interest in and knowledge of issues affecting early childhood and families.


Councillor members

Council appoints at least 2 Councillors to support the Committee.

Current Committee Councillors

The current Councillors are:

  • Cr Marcia Timmers-Leitch
  • Cr Yvonne Allred

Council officers

The Council CEO chooses officers to advise and support the Committee.


The Committee meets every second month in collaborative and friendly face-to-face meetings. 

It operates alongside a Terms of Reference.

The Committee also joins the 6-monthly Group Meetings and annual Advisory Committee Forum.

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