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Due to record rainfall, we're behind in our mowing schedule. We're unable to use our mowers while the ground is saturated and the long grass takes longer to mow. Our crews are working hard to catch up. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Knox Pavilion Strategy

The Knox Pavilion Strategy sets out how are responding to issues and opportunities that impact pavilions and club rooms at sporting reserves in Knox.


The City of Knox has pavilions and club rooms at most sporting reserves in Knox. Many of these were constructed during the 1970s and 1980s and:

  • no longer meet the core needs of tenant clubs
  • do not meet current building codes
  • do not meet current Universal Design principles, and/or
  • do not meet the preferred pavilion guidelines of National and State Sporting Associations.

The strategy

The Knox Pavilion Strategy sets out how we will respond to issues and opportunities that impact pavilions in Knox.

The objectives of the strategy are:

  • identify the adequacy of existing pavilions
  • maximise the usage, flexibility and multi-use potential of current facilities
  • promote universal design for pavilion upgrades
  • reassess the facility standards
  • make recommendations for user group contributions to fund facility improvements
  • prepare a framework to prioritise the timing of pavilion redevelopments. 

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