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There will be a scheduled phone outage from 6:00pm - 10:30pm on Friday 21 June 2024. During this time, please contact Council on 9298 7300

Public question time

Public question time gives the community a chance to raise issues and ask questions at the end-of-month Council meetings.

Knox City Council values the opportunity to engage with the community. Public question time allows the community and Council to interact in a formal and transparent manner in a public forum.

Public question time only takes place during the end of month Council meetings. 

View Council meeting dates.

Alternatives to Public Question Time include contacting a Councillor or Councillors directly to discuss an issue, question or concern.

If your question is about our day-to-day services, like damage to Council property or issues with rubbish bins, please contact our Customer Service team.

Submitting a question for Council meetings

You can submit two (2) questions per Council Meeting. Multi-part questions will be treated as separate questions.

Council’s Governance Rules require questions to be submitted by 12pm on the day of the end-of-month Council meeting either:

  • using the online form below
  • in hardcopy using the form provided at the Civic Centre.

If a question is submitted after the deadline, it will be considered at the next end of month Council meeting.  Officers may contact the submitter regarding the question in the interim.

If you are part of a group who would like to submit questions, we recommend appointing a spokesperson to submit the questions on behalf of the group.

If you need help writing your question because English is your second language, please contact the Governance Team on 9298 8000 via an interpreting service as required. It is recommended you reach out for support well ahead of the Council meeting.

Submit a question

You may participate in public question time in person or online:

  • in person at: 
    Knox Civic Centre
    511 Burwood Highway, Wantirna South VIC 3152
  • online via Zoom (audio access only)

If you are attending online, Council is unable to provide technical support prior to or during the meeting. If the technology fails to operate during the meeting, a response will be provided to the question/s and recorded in the meeting minutes. 

What happens during the meeting?
  • Public question time starts after planning matters are finalised
  • Public question time continues until all questions have been answered, or 30 minutes has passed (whichever comes first)
  • Questions are considered in the order they are received
  • The Chairperson has the right to take any question on notice or refuse to receive or answer questions in certain circumstances (see Rule 55.11)
  • In most instances, the Chairperson will read out the questions
  • If the submitter is present (in person or online via Zoom), the Chairperson may offer an opportunity to make a brief introductory statement
  • The submitter has up to two (2) minutes to make this statement
  • If one submitter has submitted two questions on the same or a similar topic, the Chairperson may reduce the time allowed for a statement to one (1) minute per question
  • Submitters who attend online via Zoom will be placed in the online waiting room until they are invited to participate in public question time
  • Submitters are welcome to watch the livestream on the website until they are admitted to ask their question
  • Question will be answered at the meeting where possible or taken on notice for a written response to be provided within 10 business days
  • Questions asked at the meeting will be included in the Minutes with a summary of the response
  • Questions taken on notice or not asked at the meeting will be published in the register of public questions on Council’s website along with a summary of the response. 

It is essential that the session be conducted in an orderly manner, and participants are asked to keep this in mind when submitting questions and participating at public question time.

Need help?

Contact us and we will get back to you.

Or call our Governance team on 9298 8000.

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