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Road Management Plan

Knox's Road Management Plan sets out responsibility, management and maintenance for our roads.

About the Plan

The Road Management Plan represents Knox's commitment to the community and how road and footpath defects and hazards are managed.

It takes into account various defects, including:

  • Potholes and defects on the roads
  • Trip hazards on footpaths
  • Obstructions on the road

The plan identifies maintenance standards, responsibilities, and inspection regimes required to manage civil liability. It demonstrates that Knox City Council is responsibly managing all of the road assets within its control as the road authority.

Road Management Plan 2023

The Road Management Plan has recently undergone a comprehensive review. Industry and community feedback has been incorporated into the new Road Management Plan 2023 which has been approved by Council, taking effect on 22 May 2023.

Road Register

The Road Management Act 2004 stipulates that each council is required to publicly document a register of public roads under their jurisdiction, referred to as a 'Road Register'.

Inspect the road register

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