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Our vision, values and strategy

Making a difference to others and our community is at the heart of everything we do at Knox.

THRIVE: Future Ready Knox is a strategy that connects our vision, aligns our purpose with our values, strategy and people experience. We all have an important role to play and in working together we will achieve all we aim for and more.

Our vision – Community inside and out

Inspired by our core purpose of empowering our diverse community to thrive and prosper, THRIVE: Future Ready Knox was developed by Knox staff, for Knox staff because we are all a part of this community.

We want to invest in our people so that everyone feels empowered to succeed for themselves and for others.

Our values

Our values are the foundations to our success and culture at Knox. They represent what we stand for, they inspire us to bring our whole selves to work and they create a shared understanding to align the way we work with our vision and purpose.

  • Make a difference daily
  • Inspire and facilitate success
  • Think big, act bold
  • Do what is right (not what is easy)

Our THRIVE: Future Ready Knox strategy

The world we live in is changing, placing ever more focus on people and what it means to be human.

It is time we reimagine the future of work and adapt how we lead our changing business, so we evolve and remain purposeful for our residents, our community and our City. We all have capacity to adapt and evolve. It is through harnessing our changing skillsets and mindsets, and working and learning together that we will bring out the best in each other and create a future we can all feel good about.

Thrive: Future Ready Knox features four inter-related priorities:

Adaptive future

We will pursue the future with a clear strategy of excellence and service. We will never stop learning and growing. We will be a resilient, adaptable and sustainable workplace comprised of thriving people working together to fulfil our core purpose – empowering our diverse community to thrive and prosper.

Evolving culture

We strive to be an agile organisation built on a foundation of psychological safety and trust in our leaders, our teams and ourselves. We will be defined by our love of learning, innovation and growth. We will be led by wholehearted humans who bring out the best in our people and drive collective ownership of our vision, strategy and values. This will ensure we respond, adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Flexible workplace

We will thrive in our inclusive and connected workplace, defined by flexible practices and spaces, and enabled by new technologies and business intelligence. These will support our people to explore and adopt new ways of thinking, learning and working that ultimately deliver greater value to our community.

Thriving people

We will be defined by our resilient, diverse and capable people and will support them to keep growing and leveraging their passions, talents and skills. We will improve the ways we engage and communicate, embrace productive conflict and hold each other accountable for our commitments. We will harness our collective potential to make a difference and create a future we can all feel good about.

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