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Honour boards

Council recognises community members that have served as Councillors, Shire Presidents and Mayors representing the City since 1963.

You can find the names of these people on the Honour Boards in the foyer of the Knox Civic Centre.

Shire Presidents of Knox
Shire PresidentsYear
A. H. KLEINHERT, JP1963-64
D. G. KEITH, JP1964-65
B. M. SEEBECK, JP1965-66
A. H. KLEINHERT, JP1966-67
S. H. ERNHOLM1967-68
W. H. TEW, JP1968-69
Elected Representatives
A. H. KLEINERT, JP1963-69
L. J. MAGUIRE, JP1963-65
A. T. MORTON1963-66
D. G. KEITH, JP1963-69
N. P. CARROLL1963-65
S. J. ROGERS1963-66
B. M. SEEBECK, JP1963-84
M. J. TRESISE1963-65
A. A. DRUMMOND1963-66
S. H. ERNHOLM1965-69
E. L. CHESSER1965-70
B. R. DAFFY1965-66
F. W. NEWMAN1966-77
L. J. PHELAN, JP1966-73
K. H. THORNTON1966-73
W. H. TEW, JP1966-89
B. T. FASHAM1966-67
A. R. GROGAN1967-70
N. F. D. CLARKE1968-71
R. R. ADDICOAT1969-81
F. W. NEWMAN, JP1966-77
L. J. PHELAN, JP1966-73
S. H. EHRNHOLM, JP1965-69
K. H. THORNTON1966-73
N. F. D. CLARKE1968-71
D. G. KEITH, JP1965-70
B. T. FASHAM1966-77
A. R. GROGAN, JP1966-70
M. J. WHITE, VA JP1969-81
C. J. QUINN, JP1969-72
J. K. GILL1970-76
K. J. O’SULLIVAN1970-73
I. L. COWIN1971-77
B. F. POWNEY1972-73
R. A. FRAMPTON1973-75
M. T. WALLACE, OAM JP1973-93
H. R. LUPTON, OAM JP1973-93
E. SANGWELL, JP1973-79
W. G. MORRIS1975-76
D. A. TRIPP1976-80
M. D. McLENNAN1976-81
A. J. HARDESS1977-80
D. W. BRUCE1977-80
V. J. CLAUSCEN1977-80
J. K. BOTTOMLEY1976-82
E. SANGWELL, JP1980 (Part)
W. P. G. BOSWELL1980-1983
G. N. DRAPER, JP1980-1986
P. K. MALEY, JP1980-1988
E. C. T. BLAZÉ1980-1994
M. K. JONES1981-1994
R. H. ASHLEY1981-1982
F. A. JOHNSON1981-1993
L. E. OVERTON, JP1982-1984
C. E. TIDBALL, JP1982-1994
D. G. LUCAS1983-1990
J. V. SCHULZ1984-1990
L. KNIGHT1984-1990
L. KNIGHT1992-1994
J. T. RAYMOND1984-1993
G. A. DEMPSTER1986-1994
M. L. RADISICH1988-1994
P. P. HERBERT1989-1992
K. McBRIDE1990-1994
R. J. L. DARE1990-1994
K. S. ORPEN1990-1994
J. C. CULLINAN1993-1994
J. A. MOORE1993-1994
P. J. LOCKWOOD1993-1994
City of Knox Council Commissioners and Councillors

On 15 December 1994, a review of local government by the Victorian State Government resulted in a new City of Knox being proclaimed. This amalgamation included:

  • the former City
  • the nearby suburbs of Upper Ferntree Gully, and
  • part of Lysterfield.

Knox City Council was declared to administrate the new City on the same day.

J. L. DAVIES1994-1997
P. K. COTTON1994-1997
D. I. GEEKIE1994-1997

On 15 March 1997, the Victorian State Government handed back control of the City of Knox to elected representatives.

Knox CouncillorsYear
E. C. T. BLAZÉ1997-2003
R. J. L. DARE1997-2000
D. T. FERGUSON1997-2000
J. A. MOORE1997-2005
K. S. ORPEN, JP1997-2008
C. J. PEARCE1997-2000
G. G. SCATES1997-2005
R. H. VAN STOCKROM1997-2000
M. T. WALLACE, OAM, JP1997-2000
P. LOCKWOOD2000-2002
C. BOYLE2000-2003
E. CICCHIELLO2000-2005
A. LEEPER2000-2003
G. WOOD-BRADLEY2000-2003
S. FIELDING2003-2004
A. R. GILL2003-2020
B. D. SMITH2003-2005
M. VAN DE VREEDE2003-2012
N. WAKELING2003-2005
D. COOPER2004-2015
J. PENNA2005-2008
M. DAVEY2005-2008
J. COSSARI (Jnr)2005-2008
D. FIELD2005-2008
T. KAMITSIS2005-2008
P. COLE2008-2012
G. COSSARI2008-2016
S. McMILLAN2008-2012
J. MORTIMORE2008-2020
D. PEARCE2008-
A. WALTER2008-2012
A. R. HOLLAND2012-2020
P. J. LOCKWOOD2012-2020
K. S. ORPEN, JP2012-2016
N. E. SEYMOUR2012-
L. N. COOPER2015-
J. G. TAYLOR2016-2018
J. P. KEOGH2016-2020
Y. ALLRED2020-
J. DWIGHT2020-
S. GRASSO2020-
M. BAKER2020-
City of Knox Mayors
Knox MayorsYear
W. H. Tew JP1968-1969
A. R. GROGAN1969-1970
F. W. NEWMAN, MBE JP1970-1971
M. J. WHITE, VA JP1971-1972
W. H. TEW, JP1972-1973
B. T. FASHAM1973-1974
R. R. ADDICOAT1974-1975
I. L. COWIN1975-1976
W. H. TEW, JP1976-1977
B. M. SEEBECK, MBE JP1977-1978
M. T. WALLACE, OAM JP1978-1979
H. R. LUPTON, OAM JP1979-1980
W. H. TEW, JP1980-1981
H. R. LUPTON, OAM JP1981-1982
P. K. MALEY, JP1982-1983
F. A. JOHNSON1983-1984
G. N. DRAPER, JP1984-1985
E. C. T. BLAZÉ1985-1986
M. T. WALLACE, OAM JP1986-1987
F. A. JOHNSON1987-1988
D. G. LUCAS1988-1989
H. R. LUPTON, OAM JP1989-1990
J. T. RAYMOND1990-1991
G. A. DEMPSTER1991-1992
C. E. TIDBALL, JP1992-1993
M. T. WALLACE, OAM JP1993-1994
E. C. T. BLAZÉ18/8/1994-14/12/1994
City of Knox Deputy Mayors
Deputy MayorsYear
C. E. TIDBALL1987-1988
G. A. DEMPSTER1988-1989
J. T. RAYMOND1989-1990
M. T. WALLACE OAM, JP1990-1991
K. S. ORPEN1991-1992
R. J. L. DARE1992-1993
L. KNIGHT1993-1994
K. McBRIDE10/8/1994-14/12/1994

State Government appointed Commissioner

J. L. DAVIES (Chief Commissioner) 15/12/1994 - 19/3/1997

Knox MayorsYear
R. J. L. DARE1997-1998
E. C. T. BLAZÉ1998-1999
K. S. ORPEN1999-2000
J. MOORE2000-2001
G. SCATES2001-2002
K. S. ORPEN2002-2003
J. MOORE2003-2004
E. CICCHIELLO2004-2004
J. MOORE2004-2005
D. COOPER2005-2006
J. PENNA2006-2007
J. PENNA2007-2008
D. COOPER2008-2009
G. COSSARI2009-2010
S. McMILLAN2010-2011
A. R. GILL2011-2012
K. S. ORPEN, JP2012-2013
D. PEARCE2013-2014
P. J. LOCKWOOD2014-2015
T. HOLLAND2015-2016
D. PEARCE2016-2017
J. MORTIMORE2017-2018
J. P. KEOGH2018-2019
N. E. SEYMOUR2019-2020
L. COOPER2020-2021


Deputy MayorsYear
J. P. KEOGH2017-2018
J. G. TAYLOR31/10/2018-6/12/2018
S. LAUKENS2020-2021

Australia Day Local Awards

We also award Australia Day Local Awards to local people for community involvement.

These people are listed on separate Honour Boards.

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