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Integrated Transport Plan

The Knox Integrated Transport Plan is a framework to develop and manage our transport network.

This framework will serve the future needs of the Knox community and business.

About the Plan

The Transport network is critical to the growth of Knox. It must adapt to changes such as:

  • population growth
  • an ageing population
  • changing urban form
  • facilitating access to goods and services.

With this as a base, the Plan responds with an integrated transport network.

See the Integrated Transport Plan

Adopting the Plan

The Plan has six key objectives for the Transport Network.

  • Social and Economic Inclusion – it's accessible to all people who wish to use it.
  • Economic Prosperity – it enables efficient and effective access for people and goods.
  • Environmental Sustainability – it reduces transport-related emissions and adapts to climate change.
  • Integration of Transport and Land Use – it maximises access for the community while reducing the need for private cars.
  • Efficiency, Coordination and Reliability – it optimises the efficiency and reliability of all modes of transport.
  • Safety and Health and Wellbeing – it's safe and promotes transport that supports health and wellbeing.

The delivery of these is critical for Knox's transport growth.

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