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Multicultural Advisory Committee

The Knox Multicultural Advisory Committee advises Council on multicultural issues and the promotion of cultural diversity.

It’s made up of Councillors, Council officers and community members from culturally diverse communities and professionals who work in multicultural services.

Committee objectives

The Committee's objectives are to:

  • Provide advice and recommendations to Council on multicultural issues in and beyond Knox
  • Identify issues and opportunities affecting people from multicultural backgrounds in and beyond Knox
  • Assist Council in the development of policy, strategy and advocacy initiatives related to the issues and opportunities identified
  • Advocate for increased awareness and understanding of issues and opportunities affecting multicultural communities within Knox
  • Assist Council with its communication, consultation and engagement with multicultural communities through two-way information exchange, from Council to communities and from communities to Council
  • Assist Council to promote and celebrate the benefits of cultural diversity in Knox and to build connections between different cultural groups within the Knox community
  • Assist Council to monitor the implementation of the Knox Connection, Access, Respect, Equality and Safety Strategy 2022–27.

Committee nominations are now closed

Applications to join the Knox Multicultural Advisory Committee (KMAC) will open in early February 2025.

Committee member requirements

A diverse group of local volunteers make up the Committee.

Volunteers need a good knowledge of cultural diversity and experience with multicultural groups.

Councillor members

Council appoints up to 2 Councillors to take part in the Committee.

They offer support in a range of areas, including delegated authority and advocacy.

Current Committee Councillors

The current Councillors are:

  • Cr Nicole Seymour
  • Cr Jude Dwight

Council officers

  • The Chief Executive Officer chooses Council officers to guide and support the Committee.


The Committee meets 6 times a year.

It operates alongside a Terms of Reference.

Need help?

Contact us and we will get back to you.

Or call our Community Development Officer, Culturally Diverse Communities on 9298 8000.

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