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Sale of unregistered vehicles and impounded goods

Unregistered vehicles and other abandoned items within the Knox City Council boundaries are impounded. Council may then publicly auction the vehicles and goods they impound.

Impounded items

Council has the power to impound dumped goods as per the Amenity Local Law or unregistered vehicles as per the Local Government Act 1989.

Council may impound:

  • any item that stops a public place being freely used
  • any item where it's clear the owner has breached the permit or has ignored a notice to comply.


Council disposes of unclaimed goods and vehicles, with vehicles or impounded items of value going to public auction. The auctioned items are:

  • as is
  • unregistered (vehicles only)
  • without keys unless otherwise specified
  • in variable condition
  • unroadworthy (for the sake of removal)

Council does not complete PPSR / Credit Checks on any vehicle, and it is the responsibility of the buyer to conduct their due diligence.

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