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Abandoned cars and impounded goods

Council may impound vehicles and other goods items within the Knox City Council boundaries. Impounded items that are not reclaimed may be sold or disposed of by Council.

Power to impound

Council has the power to impound anything in breach of the Amenity Local Law 2020, including:

  • any unregistered or abandoned vehicle
  • vehicles considered an unlawful obstruction as per the Local Government Act 1989

Report an abandoned car on a Council road

You can report an unregistered abandoned car on a Council road online.

We aim to begin investigation into reports within 10 business days, and prioritise reports posing a safety risk.

Report an abandoned car on a Council road


Sale and disposal of impounded items

Council may sell or dispose of any impounded goods and items that are not reclaimed.

Unclaimed unregistered or abandoned vehicles impounded are sold via Pickles Auctions. Please contact Pickles Auctions directly for any purchasing enquiries.

Need help?

For enquiries about impounded items, please get in touch with Community Laws at 9298 8000.

For enquiries about impounded vehicles, please contact Shift Towing at 1300 884 623.

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