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Road Register

The Road Management Act 2004 stipulates that each council is required to publicly document a register of public roads under their jurisdiction, referred to as a 'Road Register'.

About the register

Knox City Council is the 'coordinating road authority' that manages the municipal roads within the City. VicRoads manages the freeways and arterial roads inKnox City Council area.

The Road Register maintained by the council exclusively encompasses the names of public roads that are subject to its care and maintenance. The Register does not encompass or list the freeways or arterial roads overseen by VicRoads.


The Register catalogs the name of each public road and further divides it into distinct segments, aligning with the council's asset register. A typical local road might consist of several segments, typically around three or four.

The council also assigns classifications to public roads, organized in the following hierarchy:

  • Unclassified arterial (urban)
  • Unclassified arterial (rural)
  • Collector (urban)
  • Collector (rural)
  • Local (urban)
  • Local (rural)
  • Lane

The Register also denotes the date when a particular road attained its status as a public road. Since July 1, 2004, this date corresponds to when a developer constructs a road as part of a subdivision.

In instances where the council revokes the 'public road' classification for a specific road, the removal date is duly recorded in the Register.

Starting from July 1, 2004, the council has included references to any plans or instruments that establish or modify the boundaries of a public road. This reference is linked to the subdivision's reference plan number, which was instrumental in the creation of the road.

T he Register records other areas Council would like to give public road status. For example, this could be a public car park at a reserve. However, Council has not yet identified and added any extra areas to the Register.

If Council is transferring management of a road to another Council or VicRoads, it includes a reference to this transfer in the Register. It also includes agreements with a neighbouring Council for managing a road boundary between the two council areas.

Inspect the Register

Inspect the road register

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