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Protecting neighbouring properties

Any building work on your property can damage your neighbours' property. Owners must protect adjoining properties from potential damage from any building work.

This is a requirement of the Building Act 1993.

Before construction

If your building work is close to or beside your neighbours' property, you may need to carry out protection work.

Before a building permit can be issued, you must give protection notices to adjoining property owners about your plans.

You will need to give them a list of all proposed protection works, along with construction and engineer plans.

Your building surveyor will advise you if protection works are required and provide you with all relevant forms.

Your neighbours must agree before a permit can be issued.

If your neighbours do not agree to the works your building surveyor will make a determination about the protection works.

Building protection works

Common types of protection work are:

  • retaining walls
  • overhead barriers to stop material from falling on adjoining properties
  • propping of walls
  • underpinning existing footings.

Adjoining owners information request

Any application to request adjoining owner’s information must be in relation to building works being carried out under a building permit.

You can download the Adjoining Owners Information Request Form.

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