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About your rates

Rates and charges are a vital part of the funding for local government.

Rates contribute to the running of Knox City Council through building and improving infrastructure, creating better community support and running our many services.

Your rates notice

Rates notices are issued at the beginning of August each year.

There's two reference numbers on your rates notice that you need for online services:

  1. Your 7-digit rates Assessment number
  2. Your eNotices reference number

View your rates

You can view your current rates notice online if you are already registered to receive eNotices

  • To register to view future rates notices online and receive emailed notices sign up at
  • You'll need your eNotices reference number in the top section of your rates notice (see 2. in the picture below)

Log into eNotices

Receive your rates by email

To receive your rates notice via email you can register with our online portal.

Sign up for rates notice emails

Once you have registered you will no longer receive a paper rates notice.

To set up your email notifications, you just need to:

  • enter your email address and eNotices reference number found on your rate notice
  • check your email inbox and click the validation link
  • choose a password and enter your mobile number.

You will now receive all future rates notices in your email inbox. You can also login to view your current and previous rates notices at any time.

Reprint a rates notice

You can request another copy of your rates notice online: you can request a reprint.

  • You'll need your 7-digit rates assessment number (see 1. in the image below)
  • We aim to respond to requests for copies of rates notices within 5 business days.

Request a reprint online

Knox City Council's budget

Each financial year Council prepares an annual budget based on the priorities of our Community and Council Plans.

The 2023/24 Annual Budget details how rates will be spent to maintain and deliver the services and facilities our community values and relies on.

Once we have worked out our total spend, then we look at income sources. This includes rates.

Rates represent approximately 70 per cent of Knox City Council's total income.

How rates and charges revenue is used

Rates and charges revenue funds hundreds of local services and programs that our community uses every day, such as:

  • sports and leisure facilities
  • waste management and recycling
  • libraries
  • health and safety
  • active ageing and disability services
  • parks and reserves
  • leisure, sports and recreation programs
  • festivals, arts and culture
  • services for youth
  • planning and development
  • and much more.

Rates capping

The state government's Fair Go Rates System (FGRS) directs that all councils are limited in how much more income they can earn from rates compared to the previous year. This is called the rate cap. The rate cap:

  • is set each year by the Minister for Local Government. For the 2023/24 financial year the rate cap was set at 3.5 per cent
  • applies to the percentage increase in a council’s average general rate and municipal charge, it does not apply to each property owner's rates notice
  • applies to general rates and municipal charges, it does not apply to waste charges or the State’s fire services property levy

Waste collection charge

The most common service charge for waste collection is the Residential Garbage Charge for the collection and disposal of garbage and food and garden waste as well as the collection of recyclable materials.

The 2023/24 annual Residential Garbage Charge is $434.90.

This is the standard charge applicable to all residential properties in Knox.

The complete listing of 2023/24 waste collection charges include:

Residential services
Service Annual fee

Residential Garbage Charge - Standard
(For a 80 litre garbage bin, a 240 litre recycling bin and a 240 litre food and garden waste bin)


120 litre garbage bin - surcharge


120 litre garbage bin - additional bin


240 litre recycling bin - additional bin


240 litre food and garden waste bin


240 litre bin daily garbage service – non rateable properties


240 litre bin weekly garbage service – non rateable properties


120 litre bin weekly garbage service – non rateable properties


Industrial or commercial services
Service Annual fee

240 litre bins - weekly service – Garbage and recycling service


240 litre bin - weekly service – Garbage service only - No recycling


240 litre bins - daily service - Garbage and recycling service $2,433.76

240 litre bin - daily service – Garbage service only - No recycling

Dorset Square
Service Annual fee

Annual waste charge (office based premises)


Annual waste charge (retail based premises)


Annual waste charge (food based premises less than 200sqm floor area)


Annual waste charge (food based premises greater than 200sqm floor area)


Optional waste service fees

Optional services

The following optional waste services incur fees:

  • Upsizing or downsizing a 120L residential garbage bin
  • Delivery or removal of an additional 120L residential garbage bin
  • Delivery or removal of an additional 240L residential FOGO bin
  • Delivery or removal of an additional 240L residential recycling bin
  • Any waste services provided to a commercial, industrial or non-rateable property.


A pro rata of any annual charge will apply from the date of drop off or pick up.

You will be sent an amended rates notice which will show the pro rata amount payable.

Fire Services Property Levy

The Fire Services Property Levy (FSPL) is set by the state government to fund the state's fire services.

It is shown on your Council rates notice but is collected for the state government. All property owners must pay the FSPL.

About the Fire Services Property Levy

The Fire Services Property Levy (FSPL) funds the state's fire services.

Home owners may contact the state government to apply for a waiver or deferral

A property is allocated an Australian Valuation Property Code (AVPCC) to determine the land use classification. The code is used to calculate the fire services levy.

If a property has more than one use, the code will be determined by the primary use.

How to pay the Fire Services Property Levy

You'll find the levy on your rates notice.

You pay it to Council as part of your rates and charges. We forward the levy to the State Government.

Calculating the cost

You can calculate your FSPL with the Fire Services Property Levy calculator.

There's a fixed charge for the 2023/24 year of:

  • $125 for residential properties
  • $254 for non-residential properties.

This is added to a variable levy based on your Capital Improved Value (CIV) for that financial year.

There are different variable rates set by the state government based on how you mostly use your land (your property classification code). These uses include:

  • residential
  • commercial
  • industrial.

Your CIV and property classification code are shown on your rates notice.

Concession rates

You'll get a $50 concession on the FSPL if you hold an eligible pensioner concession card and have received the concession rebate on your council rates.  The eligible cards include:

  • Pensioner concession card issued under section 1061ZF of the Social Security Act 1991 of the Commonwealth
  • Department of Veteran Affairs Gold Cards (TPI) - Totally and Permanently Incapacitated and War Widows.

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