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Kindergarten in Knox

Knox Family and Children’s Services manage 30 kindergartens and employ over 100 qualified and experienced educators. We have a long history of providing quality education and care programs for children.

Funded kindergarten

From 2022, families will be able to access a two-year funded kindergarten program at Council-run services. This includes a:

  • five-hour a week kindergarten program for three-year-olds, and
  • 15-hour a week kindergarten program for four-year-olds.

Funded three-year-old kindergarten is new. It's part of the Victorian Government’s kindergarten reform, which is the largest reform of early childhood education in Victoria’s history.

Benefits of kindergarten

Research shows that a child who attends two years of a quality kindergarten program will, on average, have better cognitive and social skills when they start school. This includes better development in language, independence, and concentration.

The kindergarten years are important for every child. They encourage children to:

  • be creative and confident thinkers
  • build overall confidence, self reliance and resourcefulness
  • experience the joy of success and learning with other children and adults.

Council's kindergarten educational programs

Our educational programs focus on an individual child's strengths and abilities. Educators plan a play-based program to extend each child’s learning and development.

Programs are based on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF).

Types of programs

There are two types of programs available at Council-run kindergartens:

  • funded kindergarten in long day care
  • funded sessional kindergarten.

Both programs:

  • are delivered by Bachelor Qualified educators
  • use the KEYS Online portal for registrations
  • follow Priority of Access criteria for place allocation
  • are available for three-year-olds (commencing 2022) and four-year-olds.
Differences between programs

There are variations between programs:


Funded kindergarten in long day care

Funded sessional kindergarten


Daily fee of $142.80 ($698.25 per week).

Child care subsidy (where eligible)

Term fee $388.25 ($1,553 per year).

Fee subsidy eligibility for health care cards, pension cards and some visas.



Qualified cooks provide meals (included in daily fee).

In Term 4 – transition to lunchboxes.

Families provide snacks and lunch

Days and times of operation

Minimum 3 days a week, 5 hours a day.

Program operates 5 days a week.

Children attend during school holidays.

Five hours a week for three-year-olds (1 x five hour session)

15 hours a week for four-year-olds (either 2 x 7.5 hours or 3 x 5 hour sessions).


Age of children attending

3 – 5-year-old.

Provides an opportunity for siblings to be in the same room.


Sessions available for three-year-olds and four-year-olds.

More information 

Other important things to know about kindergarten include:

When your child is eligible to attend kindergarten

To be eligible to attend a kindergarten service, your child must be three or four years old by 30 April of the year they start kindergarten.

Birth date

Year attending
3 yr old

Year attending
4 yr old

When can I register?

1/5/2016 to 30/4/2017



Now open

1/5/2017 to 30/4/2018



Now open for 4 yr old

1/5/2018 to 30/4/2019



Now open for 3 yr old

1/5/2019 to 30/4/2020




1/5/2020 to 30/4/2021





Funding for kindergarten places

The Victorian Government provides funding to support children to access a high quality kindergarten program. The funding is a contribution towards meeting the costs of the kindergarten program.

Your child can only be funded for a kindergarten place at one service at a time and only for one year for each of their kindergarten years (unless your child is assessed as being eligible for a second funded year of four-year-old kindergarten by your child's kindergarten teacher).

If your child will be attending another children's service that offers a funded kindergarten program, you must tell that service that Knox City Council Kindergarten Service will be claiming funding for your child.

The Kinder Tick certification

The Kinder Tick makes it easy for you to find funded and approved kindergarten programs.

Victorian government approved kinder tick logo

When you see the Kinder Tick, you can be confident:

  • the program will be led by a qualified teacher
  • children will benefit from play-based learning
  • the kindergarten program is funded and approved by the Victorian Government
  • the program meets government guidelines and complies with the National Quality Framework.

Find out more about the Kinder Tick.

Choosing a kindergarten

When looking for education and care services for your child, we recommend you visit a number of centres before making your choice.

Here are some questions you might find helpful:

  • Does the centre have a Quality Improvement Plan?
  • Has the centre achieved accreditation?
  • Does the centre provide Child Care Subsidy (for Long Day and Occasional Care), if not, why?
  • What are the qualifications and experience of the staff?
  • Is there a variety of equipment and toys for the children?
  • Is the centre clean?
  • How many children attend the centre and how many children are in each room?
  • Is the centre a warm, safe and friendly environment where you would feel comfortable leaving your child?
Register your child for kindergarten

How you register your child for kindergarten depends on how the kindergarten is managed.  Find out about registering your child in:

Additional support at kindergarten

Additional resources and funding are available for children living with a disability and/or high medical needs and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

Children with disability and/or high medical needs

Kindergartens are able to apply for additional resources to assist with the inclusion of children with a disability and/or high medical needs.

These include:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children

Free kindergarten is available for all children of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent.

The Kindergarten Fee Subsidy for children of Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander descent is available to funded organisations operating funded kindergarten services.

Parents groups

You can become more involved in the care and education of your child through a Parent Group. You can:

  • participate at your local kindergarten
  • connect with families at other kindergartens in your local area
  • work with Council on initiatives for children and families across Knox.

For more information, see early years preschool parent groups.

Providing feedback on your kindergarten service

We’re committed to providing the best service possible to you and your family.

If you have any concerns about the education and care of your child, we recommend that you approach your child’s kindergarten educator.

If your concern or issue remains unresolved, you can call a Council Kindergarten Services team leader on 9298 8000.

Concerns related to the operation of the centre may also be raised with the:

  • Kindergarten’s team leaders, or
  • Department of Education and Training on 8392 9300.

Need help?

Email and we will get back to you.

Or call our Kindergarten Services team on 9298 8000.

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