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Register a domestic animal business

All domestic animal businesses in Knox must be registered with Council.

About registration

You must register any domestic animal business in Knox with Council.

A domestic business is:

  • an animal shelter, Council pound or pet shop
  • a for-profit business that:
    • looks after, trains or boards cats or dogs
    • breeds cats or dogs and has:
      • more than 10 fertile female animals
      • less than 10 fertile female animals but the owner is not a member of an applicable organisation      

Register your business

To register your business, please download and complete the form.

Download the application form

You may have to request planning permission before you can register your business. Please check with Council.

Under Local Law, the business must also hold a current permit to keep extra animals.

Submitting your application

Please submit the completed form to


Knox City Council carries out an inspection on registration.

Council also conducts annual inspections to make sure businesses follow all legal requirements.


Council investigates all reports of suspected backyard breeders.

We also follow up on all cats and dogs sold to Knox residents to ensure they have been microchipped and registered.

When we discover non-compliance, we prefer to work with the business to achieve compliance.

However, if this approach fails, we will take enforcement action.

Need help?

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Or call our Customer Services team on 9298 8000.

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