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Seniors Exercise Park

The Seniors Exercise Park is located within Carrington Park in Knoxfield.

It is an easy and free way for senior residents to exercise.


The Seniors Exercise Park is located within Carrington Park, at 20 O’Connor Road in Knoxfield.

It is between the Carrington Park Leisure Centre and the sporting oval.


The Seniors Exercise Park is free to use.

It has specially designed equipment for senior residents to regain, maintain and improve their physical abilities.

It also provides a means to have social connections in a welcoming outdoor space.


There are 16 different exercises at the park which work on:

  • strength
  • balance
  • flexibility
  • mobility
  • coordination
  • functional movements.

The equipment has some unstable surfaces, designed to challenge balance in a safe way to assist fall prevention.

Mobile app

There is an age-friendly mobile app available to help you use the equipment at the park.

To access the app, scan the large QR code displayed at the park with a smart phone.

The app:

  • has simple instructions and instructional videos for each exercise
  • lets you select the types of movements and exercises that suit you best.

Virtual tour

Watch the video below to see the equipment and exercises specially designed for seniors.

Seniors Champions

We have trained some members of our community, called the Senior Champions, to train others how to use the equipment.

In the coming months we will hold some come and try sessions with our Senior Champions. Watch this page for updates.

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