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Filming approval in Knox

Knox welcomes the chance to be used as a commercial filming location by both individuals and large production companies.

Each request is viewed on a case-by-case basis. We consider the effect on everyday life for our businesses and residents.

Commercial filming

Anyone planning commercial filming activities on public spaces in Knox must apply for a permit. Commercial filming includes:

  • filming for television
  • feature films
  • advertising and television commercials
  • documentaries
  • music videos

According to the Filming Approval Act 2014, commercial filming means 'recording images by film, video, digital or other technology to broadcast or publicly exhibit for commercial purposes, but does not include photography'.

There are two categories of commercial filming:

  • low impact filming
  • high impact filming

Permit fees

There is a non-refundable $260 application fee for all commercial filming permits. This includes permit applications for high-impact non-commercial projects.

Low impact filming

Low-impact filming activities include:

  • a filming activity of six people or less (includes all production crew and talent)
  • no more than one camera, one tripod, and handheld sound recording equipment
  • public safety is maintained at all times and all public pathways, footpaths and roads must not be blocked.

Non-commercial projects do not have to pay a fee. Examples of non-commercial projects include:

  • student films
  • not-for-profit short films about their organisation

Applying for a low-impact filming permit

If your filming activities are low impact, you do not need to fill out an application – please email us at

To approve a low-impact filming activity, we need 14 days' notice and proof of your current public liability insurance.

High impact filming

If your filming activity is more than the low-impact filming classification (e.g. more than 6 people, more than one camera), please submit your request for high-impact filming online.

Council needs at least 14 days’ notice to approve a high-impact filming activity.

Lodge a high-impact filming request

Permit fees

There is a $260 application fee for all high-impact filming permits. This includes permit applications for high-impact non-commercial projects.

Filming with a drone

We are not responsible for providing permission for the use of drones, but we recommend reading the information provided by Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

It is always important to comply with the relevant CASA requirements and be mindful of respecting personal privacy.

Photographing or filming a person without consent may breach Victorian State legislation.

Filming Approval Act 2014

The Filming Approval Act 2014 regulates commercial filming permits. We use this as a guide for the approval of filming requests.

The Act outlines the Victorian film-friendly guidelines for commercial filming.

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