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Septic tank applications

If a sewer is not available for waste and wastewater disposal, you must install a septic tank.

Installing a septic tank

You must install a septic tank under the:

  • the Environmental Protection Act 1970
  • Septic Tanks Code Of Practice.

You must apply if you want to install or alter a pre-existing septic system.

Apply to install or alter a septic tank system

The importance of septic tanks

Septic tanks are sealed round or rectangular containers that break down sewage and wastewater.

Septic tanks treat, then recycle or dispose of:

  • sewage, which is combined greywater and blackwater
  • greywater, which comes from showers, baths, hand basins, washing machines, laundry troughs and kitchens
  • blackwater, which is toilet waste
  • organic waste.

Septic tanks are used on residential, community and business premises.

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