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Water pollution complaints

The effects of water pollution can be devastating to our environment and can last for many years. They can also have a significant effect on our health.

It is important to report any water pollution that you find or suspect.

About water pollution

Water pollution can be caused by chemicals and materials that are carried into our stormwater drains through:

  • septic tank leaks
  • grey water
  • sewerage
  • illegal disposal of chemicals, rubbish and other toxic substances.

Some of the pollutants that can enter our waterways through stormwater drains include:

  • discarded litter like cigarette butts, empty cans, plastic wrappers that can take many years to decompose
  • garden waste such as grass clippings, leaves and branches
  • animal waste
  • garden pesticides and fertilisers
  • detergents
  • motor oil
  • concrete
  • oil, grease and paint.

Even the smallest amount can do a great deal of damage. Just one litre of motor oil is enough to make an Olympic-size swimming pool (one million litres of water) unsafe for plants or animals.

Learn about the role of EPA Victoria in monitoring and responding to reports of water pollution from hazardous leaks and spills.

Make a report

Water pollution complaints are handled by:

  • Water and sewerage faults including emergency leaks, bursts and breaches of water restrictions. Contact: South East Water - 13 Water (13 92837).
  • Water pollution from commercial or industrial sites or illegal dumping of wastes. Contact: EPA Victoria on 9695 2777 or visit their website for more information.
  • Septic tank leaks, grey water leaks, water pollution from residential properties. Contact: Knox Council’s Health Services Unit on 9298 8000.

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