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Transport advocacy

Knox City Council advocates for Federal and State Government funding to improve our public transport infrastructure.

Better public transport

Regular and well-run buses, trains and trams help to:

  • reduce congestion on roads
  • provide more competitive and sustainable transport choices for Knox residents
  • make it more attractive to do business in Knox.

Public transport projects

Council advocates for Federal and State Government funding for various major public transport projects.

Knox Tram

The original Burwood Highway tram line went as far as Warrigal Road in 1916.

Since then, it's had three extensions. The last extension was to Vermont South Shopping Centre.

The Knox Transit Link launch came with the Route 75 tram extension to Vermont South Shopping Centre in July 2005.

The Knox Transit Link is a bus service that connects Westfield Knox with all trams at the Vermont South interchange.

Extending the tram service to Knox and further would complement recent and proposed developments.

If the Knox Tram were it extended, it would service:

  • Deakin University
  • Burwood One
  • Springvale Road & Stud Road SmartBus corridors
  • Vermont South Shopping Centre
  • Westfield Knox.

The Knox tram continues to be a priority for Council.

Rowville Rail Line

The Rowville Rail was first proposed in the Melbourne Transport Plan of 1969.

It is not currently planned, but research continues to prove the ongoing need for the community.

Knox City Council prepared a pre-feasibility study in 2004. The study showed that a rail line was feasible.

The Rowville Rail line would be a twin set of dedicated tracks that separate from the Dandenong line at Huntingdale Station.

A rail line connecting Huntingdale Station to Rowville, along the Wellington Road corridor, would improve access to jobs, education and the wider train network.

There would be four new stations at:

  • Monash University
  • Mulgrave
  • Waverley Park
  • Rowville.

The feasibility study is available on the Public Transport Victoria website.

Council continues to advocate for the Rowville Rail project.

The Rowville Rail project would service many major trip attractors, including:

  • The Dandenong Rail Corridor
  • Monash University
  • The Monash National Employment Cluster
  • Springvale Road & Stud Road SmartBus corridors
  • Residential development projects along the corridor
  • Stud Park Shopping Centre.
Dorset Road Extension

Council has been successful in advocating for the extension Dorset Road. The Dorset Road Extension project is currently being developed by Major Road Projects Victoria.

For more information on the projects including scope of works, benefits and timelines, visit the Infrastructure Investment Program website.

For information regarding project consultation, visit the Dorset Road Extension and Napoleon Road Upgrade Overview.

Eastern Transport Coalition

Knox City Council is also a member of the Eastern Transport Coalition (ETC). This group promotes integrated, accessible and sustainable transport in Melbourne's east.

ETC has the support of seven Councils in the Eastern Metropolitan Region.

Commuters Count is a campaign to increase funding and accelerate the delivery of significant public transport projects in the eastern suburbs.

Support this campaign through the Commuters Count Facebook and Twitter accounts. Use the hashtags #SpringSt and #CommutersCount.

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