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Pensioner rate concession and rebates

If you are a pensioner you may be eligible to a concession on your rates.

About the pensioner rate concession

The state government provides financial help for certain charges to some community members.

This can mean a discount on yearly (municipal) council rates.

This concession is part of the Municipalities Assistance Act 1973. It is for eligible residents or pensioners covered by the State Concessions Act 1986.

Concession rates and rebates

The Department of Families, Fairness and Housing and the Department of Veterans' Affairs issue all concession cards.

These cards allow recipients to apply for the pensioner concession.

You may apply for a pensioner rebate if you:

  • hold an eligible concession card
  • live at the property shown on the rates notice
  • pay the rates on that property.

How much is the concession?

The pensioner concession is a 50 per cent deduction on council rates up to a yearly maximum of $253 for 2022 to 2023.

Example 1:

  • If your 2022-23 municipal rates and charges are $400,
  • 50 per cent of your rate amount is $200,
  • therefore the concession amount available to you is $200.

Example 2:

  • If your 2022-23 municipal rates and charges are $800,
  • 50 per cent of your rate amount is $400,
  • this is above the maximum amount, so your concession is the maximum of $253.20.

There is also a Fire Service Property Levy rebate of $50.

Knox City Council also offers a flat rebate of $100 for each eligible property. The $100 municipal rebate supplements the State rebate of $253.20.

What cards are eligible?

The following cardholders are eligible for pensioner rate concession:

  • Pensioner Concession Card issued by Centrelink or Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA)
  • Veterans' Affairs Gold Cards given for TPI, War Widow, EDA or POW.

Please note that health care and seniors cards are not accepted.

Apply for the pensioner rebate

To apply for the pensioner rebate, you must:

Download the pensioner rebate concession form

Ongoing concession rates and rebates

Have you previously received a rebate?

If your situation has not changed, you will automatically receive a rebate on your next notice.

If you didn't get your automatic pensioner rebate this year, contact us.

Need help?

Contact us and we will come back to you.

Or call our Customer Service team on 9298 8000.

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