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Skip bin permits

You need a Council permit to put a skip bin container or any item on any Knox City Council Land or road reserve. A road reserve is any road, footpath, crossing, nature strip or lane in the area.

You do not need a permit to place skip bins on your private residential property.

Skip bins

A skip bin is a large container that you can fill with excess waste that cannot be picked up by the usual methods.

Permit requirements

To get a permit, you must lodge an application form and pay the relevant fee with Knox City Council.

You must also submit proof of public liability insurance with your application.

Council must approve your permit before placing any skip bins on public land.

Types of permits

Knox City Council has two permit types for skip bin placement:

One-off placement permit

You can apply for a one-off placement permit for infrequent bin suppliers within Knox.

Application for a one-off skip bin placement

Permit for multiple skip bin placements

The skip bin accreditation permit allows for multiple placements over 12 months.

The accredited skip bin permit is an annual permit. It allows up to 20 placements within Knox.

A fee of $25 applies for extra bin placement over the 20 allowed under the annual permit.

Each placement is valid for 7 days and will be subject to permit conditions.

You must inform Council if a bin is to remain in a public place for more than seven days.

Accreditation to operate multiple skip bins


The following fees apply:

Type Fee
One-off placement of a skip bin permit
  • $98 per placement
  • plus an initial application fee of $159.
Multiple placements of a skip bin permit (up to 20)
  • $946 for an annual skip bin permit.
Multiple placements of a skip bin permit (over 20)
  • $946 for the annual skip bin permit
  • plus a fee of $25 applies for each extra bin placement over the 20 allowed under the annual permit.

Once you have a permit

Once your permit is approved you must notify Council each time you place a skip bin in a public place.

A permit is not required if a skip bin is placed on private property.

How long a permit lasts

Each placement is valid for up to seven days and will be subject to permit conditions.

If a bin stays in a public place for more than seven days then Council must be informed.

Penalties and fines

Placing a skip bin on Council land or roads without a valid permit may result in an on the spot infringement. You will also receive a notice requiring the removal of the item.

Council will impound bins that do not follow policy or have been dangerously positioned. All impounding costs will be directly charged to the bin owner.

Accredited skip bin companies

Here is a list of companies that provide bins.

Company Name

Phone Number

All Over Bins

1300 555 087

Bedrock Bin Hire

0414 594 532

Bingo Waste Services

1300 424 646

Blue Croc Rubbish Removal

1300 718 192

Cheaper Bin Hire

9876 1611

Eastern Recycling

8872 7879

Jim's Skip Bins Rowville

0405 838 119

Kartaway Miniskips

9326 5555

Kwik Bins

1800 766 246

Need A Skip Now

1300 605 624

Rhino Bins

9580 4842

WM Waste Management Services Pty Ltd

1300 969 278

Skip bin safety

A skip bin must have:

  • reflectors that make the bin visible in all conditions for at least distance of 100m, and
  • the supplier’s name and telephone number in characters at least 10cm high, CLEARLY displayed on the side of the bin.

What can go in skip bins

A skip bin can hold:

  • excess green waste
  • household items
  • construction and demolition waste
  • plastics
  • furniture
  • glass
  • whitegoods.

It cannot hold:

  • asbestos
  • chemicals
  • toxic waste.

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