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Surrendering your pet

As a Knox resident, you can surrender your pet to Council. Below is information on how to give up your pet and what happens once it's surrendered

Dogs and cats

By law, Council and its pound Animal Aid must accept the surrender of any dog and cat from a Knox resident.

Other animals

If you need to surrender other types of animals (rabbits, birds, livestock), Council will consider your request. But there may be times when it is not appropriate for Council to take on your animal. In these instances, you may need to find other arrangements.

Before you ask for our help

Pet owners may need to surrender their pets to Council for many reasons.

Before you decide to proceed with a surrender, we encourage you to call Animal Aid. They may be able to provide support to help you keep your pet.

You can contact Animal Aid can on 03 8756 1300.

Surrendering your animal

If you want to surrender your animal to Knox City Council, please complete the Animal Surrender Request Form.

The form asks many questions to help us and Animal Aid to understand your pet. It also gives us the best chance at assessing and finding a suitable new home. The less information provided to Council, the harder it is to rehome your pet.

Submitting the form

Please download and complete the Animal Surrender Request Form (PDF 134KB).

Once completed, return the form to Council. You can submit the form by:

  • by email to Community Laws at [email protected]
  • by post or in person at the Knox Civic Centre at 511 Burwood Highway, Wantirna South VIC 3152

Once we receive the form, a Community Laws Officer will contact you.

Surrendering aggressive cats and dogs

Please inform Council or Animal Aid if your pet has ever shown any:

  • aggression
  • antisocial behaviour
  • dominance
  • growling or snarling
  • resource guarding
  • biting
  • attacking another person or animal

We will take on any dogs or cats that show this behaviour. But under the Domestic Animals Act 1994, Council and Animal Aid cannot rehome an aggressive pet.   

In these instances, the Domestic Animals Act 1994 states we must humanely euthanise the animal.

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