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Planning applications for 621 Burwood Highway

Council has received three planning applications from Development Victoria for the former Department of Primary Industries site located on the north-western corner of Burwood Highway and Scoresby Road, Knoxfield.

The applications propose:

  • a two stage subdivision
  • utility installation (wetlands)
  • site access
  • associated works and vegetation removal.

The applications are currently at preliminary assessment stage. Once this has been completed, Council will update this webpage with the next steps in the process – including any advertising requirements.

The rezoning and development of this land is covered by Amendment C160.

More information on the project can be found on the Development Victoria website.

Application for subdivision (Stage 1 and 2)

This application (P/2021/6169) proposes the first two stages of the subdivision of the site.

  • Stage 1 contains 52 lots ranging in size from 113m2 – 259m2.
  • Stage 2 contains 53 lots ranging in size from 113m2 – 215m2.

The balance of the land (15.38ha) will form a separate lot.

The subdivision includes the creation of:

  • three reserves ranging in size from 975m2 – 1,635m2
  • the required easements for the proposed lots
  • access to a Category 1 road (being Scoresby Road), and
  • the removal of vegetation and works associated with the subdivision.

More information

Find out more about the application:

Application for utility installation – wetlands

This application (P/2021/6170) proposes a utility installation including:

  • habitat wetland
  • treatment wetland
  • sedimentation basin
  • construction of informal outdoor recreation areas (cycling/walking/jogging tracks and open space areas)
  • a bird lookout
  • associated works, and
  • the removal of vegetation.

The application also includes the removal of the existing dam/water body (often referred to as Lake Knox) once the new wetlands are operating.

More information

Find out more about the application:

Application for temporary vehicle access

This application (P/2021/6171) proposes:

  • the construction of a new temporary vehicle access onto Scoresby Road, approximately 60m north of Burwood Highway.
  • the removal of vegetation to enable road access.

More information

Find out more about the application:

Need help?

Visit Development Victoria for more information about the redevelopment of the former Department of Primary Industries site.

Lodge a request with Planning Services and we will get back to you.

Or call our Planning Services team on 9298 8125.



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